Best Underrated Luxury Cars

One of Hollywood’s oft-quoted lines goes; “If you build it, they will come.” But what happens when they don’t? Well, in the case of the auto industry, perfectly lovely cars wind up undervalued. As a result, a smart shopper can pick up a genuinely nice car, (and a fairly exclusive one) at a heavily subsidized price. If you’d like to get in on one of these sweet deals, consider one of the best underrated luxury cars.

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

Acura’s RLX Sport Hybrid is a paragon of modern technology. The powertrain offers 377 horsepower, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and all-wheel drive with torque vectoring for improved handling while maintaining a comfortable and smooth ride. The big Acura is quiet, nicely appointed and wonderfully understated. What’s more, it offers every contemporary driver’s aid technical feature available. If you want to drive a luxury car without attracting a lot of attention, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid is definitely the car you’re looking for.

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Audi A8

Audi’s A8 solidly competes with its German flagship rivals, and yet goes largely unnoticed. The first full-size luxury car to feature all-aluminum construction, the Audi is exceptionally lithe; particularly when one considers all the features packed into this exceptionally luxurious car. Engines range in output from 333 horsepower to 450. Sumptuous interior materials, remarkable agility, and a wonderfully spacious passenger compartment packed with the latest comfort and convenience features make the A8 one of the most sophisticated executive expresses out there. Plus, it doesn’t stand out in a crowd, so it also delivers understatement.

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Buick LaCrosse

If you’ve been paying attention, you know Buick has undergone something of a renaissance since the reformation of General Motors. Now boasting a product lineup with athletic dynamics, sleekly styled interior treatments and arguably more handsome styling, the marque’s flagship sedan is at once sophisticated and low key. Comfortable and stable on the highway, yet interesting on twisty roads, the Buick LaCrosse is an outstanding example of the new paradigm in play at Buick. Further, the legendary quietness of Buick’s models still holds sway. Like all of the cars here, the tech quotient is high and comfort is too.

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Cadillac XTS

Though recently supplanted as Cadillac’s flagship, the XTS remains an attractive luxury sedan for those who value comfort and quiet over sheer dynamic ability. Easily the closest thing to the old-school Cadillac sedans of yore, the XTS brilliantly updates the concept for a new generation of luxury intenders. Keep in mind, powerful engines have always been a Cadillac feature and to this end, the XTS also offers a turbocharged 410-horsepower V6 as an option. However, while the XTS is a good fit among the best underrated luxury cars because it’s being overlooked, its styling is anything but demure. The Cadillac XTS is a real looker.

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Genesis G80/G90

A new brand from a now solidly established manufacturer, Genesis is to Hyundai what Lexus and Infiniti are to Toyota and Hyundai. Previously a model range within the overall Hyundai lineup, Genesis has now been spun off into a standalone brand. The first two offerings under the new marque are G80 and G90. For all intents and purposes, the G90 is a long wheelbase version of the G80, albeit tuned more for comfort and civility, while the G80 is tuned more toward the sport sedan end of the spectrum. Either way, both cars are solid hits. Previous luxury models from Hyundai hit all the broad strokes, but missed the fine details. Genesis nails both. Beautifully finished, wonderfully capable and very satisfying, we predict these two won’t be underrated for long.

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Infiniti Q70

If we had to put our finger on the one reason the Infiniti Q70 perennially finds itself on lists of the best underrated luxury cars, we’d have to name its styling. While we never previously thought it was possible for a car to have too many curves, the Infiniti changed our minds. Basically, the Infiniti is a brilliant luxury car trapped in a frumpy look. For that reason, we strongly suggest holding your nose and taking one out for a spirited test drive. Run it over the most challenging roads you can find and marvel at the dynamic capabilities of this extraordinary sport sedan. While you’re inside, take a look around. This is the flagship of a brand known for blending luxury features with high performance. If you love to drive and need a four-door luxury car, we’re willing to bet you’ll want one.

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Jaguar XJ

We strongly believe time will prove the design of this version of the big Jaguar to be an enduring one. The radical look of the car is underpinned with an air of grace. Cars with this visual quality have a tendency to grow on you as they age and we strongly believe the appearance of this car will still be fresh 30 years from now. Meanwhile, the big Jag boasts all-aluminum construction, an interior treatment wholly in keeping with its stature as one of England’s most prestigious automobiles, an abundance of luxuries and over the road capability you have to experience to believe—today.

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Kia Cadenza

Yes, it looks like they stole the grille off of a Maserati, but the good news is once the Cadenza attracts your attention it works hard to keep it. The newly redesigned 2017 model boasts outstanding fit and finish, near palatial appointments, (including quilted leather upholstery) and an amazing palette of luxury tech for the price. It’s also handsomely styled, suitably powerful and appropriately quiet. In other words, don’t let your residual impressions of the Kia models of the past put you off from giving the Cadenza a look-see, you’ll be quite impressed.

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Lincoln MKZ

Most entry-level luxury cars come somewhat nicely equipped, and then lead you to a lengthy options list to get them to the lavishly equipped level. With the MKZ, Lincoln delivers an outstanding array of luxury features right off the top. Further, it’s the only model out there to offer customers the choice of the standard powertrain or a hybrid at the exact same price. New styling for the 2017 model year updates the look and there’s an optional 400-horsepower all-wheel drive version for those of you with a performance orientation. Extending Lincoln’s rep for offering the most attractive interior treatments of any American manufacturer, the MKZ deserves to be on your shopping list.

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Volvo S90

Landing on this list largely because its predecessor always did, the new Volvo S90 is easily the most luxurious version of Volvo’s flagship sedan ever offered. It is also the most handsome. Previously known as the S80, this is a thoroughly contemporary luxury car. The interior treatment is so beautiful you’ll be tempted to call Sweden to get the people responsible for it to come decorate your house. Comfort is unrivalled, the tech interface is easily one of the best on the road and the broad selection of comfort (and of course) safety features is highly impressive. All-wheel drive, a plug-in hybrid powertrain and semi autonomous driving capability also mark it as one of the most advanced.

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