Tidal Wave Car Wash Prices: Luxurious Auto Spa Wash

Looking for a luxurious auto spa wash? Tidal Wave Car Wash has got you covered! Their prices are unbeatable, and their quality is unmatched. They use the latest technology and equipment to give your car the best possible clean.If you want to know about Tidal Wave Car Wash Prices. check it below

What is Tidal Wave Car Wash?

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is a popular car wash that is known for its state-of-the-art equipment, friendly customer service, and free vacuums. It’s a reliable and affordable option for anyone looking for a fast and efficient car wash. Tidal Wave Auto Spa is an express car wash, meaning customers drive up to the pay station, select a wash, and then their car glides through waves of colorful foam and lights while gentle cleaners wash away the grime. After the wash is complete, customers can use the aftercare area which includes vacuums, towels, and spray cleaner to put the finishing touches on the vehicle’s interior. It’s a fast, convenient way to get your car sparkling clean! Tidal Wave is one of the fastest growing car wash chains in the country and has dozens of locations, making it easy to find one nearby. With its superb customer service, tidy locations, and sparkling clean cars, Tidal Wave Auto Spa is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an effortless car spa experience.

Tidal Wave Car Wash prices

The Tidal Wave Car Wash prices are as follows:

  • Graph-X4 for $30 single use or $49.99/month for unlimited
  • Ceramic Sea Gloss for $25 single use or $39.99/month for unlimited use
  • Dry N’ Shine for $20 single use or $29.99/month for unlimited
  • Hot Wax for $15 single use or $24.99/month for unlimited use
  • Tire Shine for $10 single use or $19.99/month for unlimited.


Protective CoatingGraph-X4 + Ceramic Sea GlossCeramic Sea GlossTidal Wave Hot WaxTidal Wave Hot Wax
Tire Shine
Triple Conditioner
Rain Repellent
Wheel Shine
Tidal Wave Rinse
Dry N Shine
Sea Shine
Underbody Rinse
Sea Foam
Super Polish
Ultra Wheel Shine
Ultra Dry
Super Lo Paint Glow
Sea Seal
Mirror Rinse
Wheel Shield
Fresh Scent
Bug Prep
Fragrant Conditioner

Tidal Wave Car Wash membership

The Tidal Wave Auto Spa Unlimited Car Wash Club is a monthly subscription service that allows you to enjoy unlimited car washes for a single, low monthly fee. You can purchase your membership online or at a local Tidal Wave Auto Spa location, and you will receive a Club sticker for quick, convenient access. With the basic membership, the cost is $29.99 per month for the Dry N’ Shine car wash. The Family Plan allows you to add a second vehicle to your membership for a discounted price of $24.99 per month. This means you can save as much as $60 per year, per additional car! Both plans must be managed with the same credit card in order to be eligible and must be purchased at a Tidal Wave Auto Spa location.

Tidal Wave Car Wash cancel membership

  1. Go to the Tidal Wave Auto Spa website and log in to your account.
  2. Select the “Discontinue Membership” option.
  3. Confirm your decision to cancel and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Allow 7 days for the cancellation to be processed.
  5. No refunds will be given for discontinuing your membership.

Tidal Wave Car Wash locations

Tidal Wave Auto Spa has multiple locations throughout the United States. You can easily find a Tidal Wave car wash near you; wherever the road takes you, you’re sure to find one. With dozens of locations, there’s almost always a Tidal Wave car wash nearby. We are constantly adding new locations, so keep checking back with us if you don’t see one in your area.


Go to Tidal Wave Car Wash for all your car washing needs! They offer competitive prices and an amazing selection of services to choose from. Their luxurious auto spa wash is the perfect way to enjoy a clean car.

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