Autobell Car Wash: The Fastest Way To Clean Your Car and what about their Prices

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I’ll be talking about the Autobell Car Wash prices. As you all know, car washes can be a bit of a pain. You have to drive there, wait in line, and then hope that your car comes out looking good. But with Autobell Car Wash prices , you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a great value for your money. I’ve been using Autobell for years now, and I have to say that I’m really impressed with their prices.So if you’re looking for a great car wash at a great price, be sure to check out Autobell Car Wash prices .

What Is Autobell Car Wash?

Autobell Car Wash is a car wash company that was founded in 1969.Autobell Car Wash’s headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. The company offers both interior and exterior cleaning services at an affordable price. Customers can also opt for extra services such as rain repellent, tire gloss, and underbody wash. Autobell prides itself on providing quality service while remaining affordable for customers.

How much does Autobell car wash cost?

Autobell offers a variety of car wash services, including an interior and exterior cleaning, full service car wash, super wash and double polyprocess. The full service car wash starts at $25.99 for an interior/exterior cleanse while the super wash costs $34.99. For those who want more advanced cleaning options such as the double polyprocess or super polyprocess treatments, they can expect to pay around $23-$29 respectively. Additionally, there are additional services such as premium mat cleaning (front/rear), underbody wash and tire gloss available for an extra fee ranging from $3-$4+. Autobell also has unlimited plans starting at $19.99 per month with no minimum commitment required; this allows customers to take advantage of multiple visits without incurring any additional charges during that period of time.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Interior and exterior cleaning are available at a discounted price.

The interior window cleaning and hand-drying are included in the full-service wash.

The double poly process service includes an additional polish and sealer.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning prices are :

Full Service$25.99
Full Service (15-passenger vans and larger)$30.99
Super Polyprocess℠$34.99
Rain Repellent Special$39.99
Armor All® Special$43.99

Exterior Only Cleaning

Autobell offers exterior-only services for people on the go.

Ride-thru Exterior Wash is a “quick touch-up” with exterior cleaning and robotic wheel cleaning.

Super Exterior Wash is a more extensive package that includes additional polish, sealer, robotic wheel cleaning, and hand drying.

Super Ride-Thru adds the application of polish and sealer, underbody wash, Double Polyprocess and AUTOGLASS to the basic ride-thru service

Exterior Cleaning prices are :

exterior special$22.99

Extra Services

Autobell Car Wash offers a full car wash for cars and vans, as well as a separate full service wash for larger vehicles like trucks and RVs. With its Super Car Wash, you’ll get hand dry, interior vacuum of seats and carpets, interior window cleaning, polish and cleaning applications, exterior wash*, and extra services like mat cleaning*, sealer*, rain repellent*, underbody* wash Armor All exterior** *and more. **Exterior only cleaning is also available.

armor all®

  • INTERIOR – $10.00
  • EXTERIOR TRIM – $6.00

double polyprocess℠ for a spectacular clean – $12.00

fragrance of your choice – $2.50

interior disinfectant service – $9.95

master autovac® service – $15.00

autogloss℠ specially formulated for lasting shine – $5.50

tire gloss – 4.75$

underbody wash – $3.00

autobell® valet service – $3.00

premium mat cleaning :

  • FRONT – $5.00
  • FRONT AND REAR – $7.00
  • CARGO MAT – $3.00

rain repellent :

  • FRONT – $9.00
  • FRONT AND REAR – $12.00
  • FRONT, REAR & SIDES – $15.00

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited Plan Members & Prices

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan & Price

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan: Unlimited car washes for one price

Price: $20.00/mo.

Locations: Nationwide

Hours of operation: 24/7

The Ride-thru Unlimited Plan is an optional package offered through the Exterior Unlimited Plan which allows customers to access robotic wheel cleaning services. This service allows customers to have their tires, rims, and wheels cleaned without having to leave their car. The plan also includes an automatic car wash option for those who prefer not to do it themselves. The price for this package is $12 per month.

Exterior Unlimited Plan & Price

The Exterior Unlimited Plan includes services such as Ride-thru cleaning, additional services, hand car wash dry and automatic payment after 2 visits.

  • The full-service unlimited plan includes all services from the Exterior unlimited plan plus Exterior hand-dry by their team
  • Upgrade with additional services when desired

. This plan is offered for $29.99 per month.

Full-Service Unlimited Plan & Price

The Full-Service Unlimited Plan includes all the services from the Exterior unlimited plan, but with several additional benefits. Interior window cleaning is included, as well as interior dash, door panels, and consoles cleaned. You can have your carpets and seats vacuumed for a deep clean! This plan is offered for only $49.99 per month.

Super Unlimited Plan & Price

The price for the Super Unlimited Plan is $77.99 a month.

The Super Unlimited Plan is a membership offered by Autobell for non-business customers that want to have a freshly cleaned car at all times.

Autobell car wash business accounts

To open a Autobell car wash business account, you first need to select one of the plans listed above. Then, sign up for the plan and provide your business information such as contact details and tax identification number (TIN). Once your application is approved, you can start using your account to purchase washes for multiple cars at discounted rates.

The minimum chargable amount for the Autobell® Business Accounts is $100 per month. check more here

Autobell Car Wash Coupons

Save on Autobell car washes with bulk purchase discounts, customization options, and more!

Check out the Autobell Car Wash Coupons at their twitter page for all the latest deals and discounts!

1. Sign up for Autobell’s newsletter to receive $3 off your next car wash (not applicable for Ride-Thru Exterior Wash).

2. Go to the Autobell website and click on “Redeem Coupon” when you are ready to use your coupon code.

3. Enter your email address and password, then click “Sign In” button to access your account information and use the coupon code at checkout when making a purchase of car wash services or products from Autobell’s website or mobile app .

4. Enter the discount code in the “Discount Code” field at checkout before submitting your order for verification purposes .

Autobell Car Wash Reviews

The company is known for its friendly and helpful staff and customer service representative.

The reviews state that the service is effective and efficient.

The reviews about Autobell Car Wash are mostly positive. Customers praise the company for its outstanding service and flexible products, as well as the helpful and approachable staff. Yelp reviewers also appreciate that appointments can be scheduled for convenience, making it an ideal option for car washing needs. Other reviewers mention that tips are great and management is amiable, making it an ideal place to work if you’re looking for your first job experience.

How do I cancel my autobell unlimited plan?

To cancel your autobell unlimited plan, you can call the customer service department or log into your account.

To cancel your autobell unlimited plan, call customer service at 1-800-227-2782.

1. Log in to your Autobell account and go to “My Account”.

2. Select the plan you want to cancel from the list of subscriptions under “Subscription Summary” and click on “Cancel Subscription” button below it.

3. On the next page, select the reason for cancelling your subscription and then click on “Continue” button to proceed with cancellation process..

4. On the next page, review all details of your cancellation request before submitting it by clicking on “Confirm Cancellation” button at bottom of page..

5. Once confirmed, Autobell will send you an email with instructions on how to complete cancellation process within 24 hours of confirming cancellation request.

Frequently asked questions

The company was founded by Charles Howard in 1969 and is still operated by his family today.

Autobell uses a swab test

At Autobell, we believe that the best way to respond to a tip is to provide great service and make the experience a positive one. We have created a tipping culture in our company and encourage our employees to tip our customers based on their experience with the Autobell team.You can either give cash to your cleaner or purchase a tip voucher from the register with a credit or debit card for use later on in your visit.

Autopayment plans allow customers to leave tips without having to interact with the employees.

Tips are not mandatory, but they are appreciated by employees and managers alike.

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