Enterprise Rental Prices: How Much is a Car for Rent?

Car rental prices can be confusing, but that’s where Enterprise comes in. We’ll help you compare rates and find the best deal for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a Economy car or something more luxurious, we have options to fit your budget. Plus, our Rewards Program offers great benefits like free upgrades and exclusive deals. Book your rental today and start exploring all the possibilities!


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Brief about Enterprise Car Rental

Sure thing! Enterprise Rent-A-Car gives you more than just a vehicle rental. They’ve got options for short-term, long-term, one-way, and car-sharing rentals which you can book from over 10,000 locations worldwide. While prices differ, Enterprise car rental assures a transport solution tailored to your need. “}Enterprise Truck Rental provides rental services for moving trucks, moving vans, and pickup trucks, in addition to vehicle rentals.

Enterprise Rental car Prices

Factors that Determine the Cost of Renting a Car at Enterprise

Car Type and Size

The size and type of the car matter at Enterprise, especially for SUV rentals. From a compact Nissan Versa for city driving to a premium Chevy Suburban for a big family trip, Enterprise offers a wide range of SUV rental options. The bigger and fancier the car, the higher the rental price.

Booking Duration

The length of your car rental does impact the total cost. Whether you’re booking for a day, a week, or a month, the per-day price decreases the longer you rent. So remember, book smart and save!

Step by Step Guide to Renting from Enterprise

How to Book Your Car

It’s a breeze to book a vehicle rental with Enterprise. Start your online reservation, choose your car type, pick-up location, rental dates, and you’re good to go! Remember, for a smoother procedure, prepare your driver’s license and credit card. Don’t wait, book your vehicle rental today!

Additional Service Offers

Enterprise adds the cherry on top with their additional rental vehicles service offers. Need box trucks? Exotic rental vehicles? Customized rate plans? Enterprise has got you covered. These options might cost a tad more, but they certainly help enhance your rental experience.

enterprise rental requirements

Price Breakdown for Different Vehicle Types

The Economy Car Option

For those on a budget, the economy car option is a steal. Cars like the Mitsubishi Mirage come at lower prices yet still provide comfort, efficiency, and easy maneuverability. It’s easy on the pocket but doesn’t skimp on quality.

Exploring Premium Options

Looking for something grand? Check out the premium options. Luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz E-class or Audi A5 Sportback are high-end rentals that offer superlative features. They’re a touch pricier but they give you that top-tier experience you deserve.

enterprise rental prices list

The price of renting from Enterprise fluctuates widely based on several factors. Here’s an approximate guide:

  • Los Angeles: from $23/day
  • Orlando: from $25/day
  • Miami: from $26/day
  • New York: from $19/day
  • Las Vegas: from $29/day
  • San Francisco: from $29/day

Remember, these are minimum average estimates and actual prices might vary. “}

Enterprise Rental Price Per Day[Monday – Friday]

Economy (Mitsubishi Mirage or Similar)$78.99
Compact (Nissan Versa or Similar)$78.99
Midsize (Toyota Corolla or Similar)$84.50
Standard (Volkswagen Jetta or Similar)$91.00
Full Size (Toyota Camry or Similar)$91.00
Premium (Nissan Maxima or Similar)$129.99
Luxury (Chrysler 300 or Similar)$154.00
Standard Pickup (Chevrolet Colorado or Similar)$105.45
Pickup (Ford F150 or Similar)$112.45
Compact SUV (Ford Eco Sport or Similar)$78.56
Midsize SUV (Nissan Rogue or Similar)$103.48
Standard SUV (Ford Edge or Similar)$106.48
Premium Crossover (Volkswagen Atlas or Similar)$161.91
Full Size SUV (Chevrolet Tahoe or Similar)$178.99
Premium SUV (Chevy Suburban or Similar)$199.00
7 Passenger Minivan (Chrysler Pacifica or Similar)$199.99

Enterprise Rental Price Saturday and Sunday

Economy $78.99
Compact $78.99
Standard $91.00
Full Size $91.00
Premium $129.99
Luxury $153.99
Standard Pickup $169.99
Pickup $89.99
Compact SUV $83.55
Midsize SUV $178.99
Standard SUV $178.99
Premium Crossover $155.59
Full Size SUV$178.99
Premium SUV $198.99
7 Passenger Minivan$199.99

Comparing Short-Term and Long-Term Rentals

The Convenience of Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rental car deals are versatile! Need a car for a quick getaway or a sudden work trip? Enterprise has got your back with competitive prices and various vehicles, so you can get the best fit for your short-term needs. After all, flexibility is the key!

The Benefits of Long-Term Rentals

Long-term rentals come bearing gifts! They’re perfect for extended vacations, remote work stints, and mobility. They offer lower daily rates and wear and tear protection for your peace of mind. So, why not take the plunge and rent longer? It’s worth the value!

Budget Planning: Enterprise vs Other Suppliers

Understanding Value for Money with Enterprise

Value for money? Enterprise nails it! With the vast selection of vehicles in their fleet, excellent service, and extra perks such as free pick-up, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Although prices may not be the cheapest, the overall package delivers.

Comparisons with other Car Rental Services

When compared to other car rental services, Enterprise stands out. While it might not be the least expensive option, its extensive network, variety of rental vehicles, and outstanding customer service make it a worthy choice. Remember, quality over quantity!

Helpful Extras and Add-Ons

Rental Car Add-Ons

Want more? Not a problem! Add-On services from GPS and Child safety seat to SiriusXM and Greenhouse gas offset are available at incremental costs. These services could just make your trip a notch above perfect, while also providing better mileage for your vehicle.

Enterprise Plus Rewards Program

Don’t forget about the Enterprise Plus Rewards Program. It offers points on every dollar you spend with Enterprise. Keep renting, keep earning, and redeem for free rental days. Plus, enjoy priority check-ins and a dedicated phone line. It’s a win-win situation!

Reviews on Enterprise Rental Prices

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews for Enterprise resonate with customers praising the company for its superior service support, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and clean, comfortable cars. Customers commend their experience with booking and managing reservations, which is simple and seamless. Long-time customers enjoy using Enterprise year after year, a testament to their consistent service quality.

Critical Reviews

Some critical reviews revolve around issues with individual locations and their staff. A few customers have faced problems with setting up pick-ups for rentals or accessing local prices. According to a few reviews of Enterprise car rental, there are also mentions of unhelpful or difficult-to-work-with staff members.

Some users also report discrepancies in charges. However, these form a small fraction of reviews, with the majority giving a thumbs-up for Enterprise.

Enterprise Rental Customer Service

Customer service is the key to any successful car rental experience and Enterprise Rental knows this better than anyone. When you’re hitting the road with Enterprise, they ensure nothing less than top-notch customer service to ensure your journey is smooth and trouble-free.

Enterprise’s service stands out in the crowd with their varied approach. They believe in assuring a personalized experience to every customer. Whether you need a compact car for the city streets or a luxury car for that special event, Enterprise’s experienced and friendly staff will guide you through the process. Their customer service teams are accessible at 1-855-266-9565, ready to answer all your queries or troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Not only is Enterprise’s customer service remarkable, but they have been recognized for it too. Enterprise’s reputation of customer satisfaction has been acknowledged repeatedly by J.D. Power’s annual North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study.

Enterprise also accommodates customers with disabilities, with a 24/7 helpline available at 1-866-225-4284. Their commitment to inclusivity and service is truly commendable.

Remember, at Enterprise, you’re not just renting a car— you’re being promised a seamless service that transcends the ordinary.

enterprise rent a car hours

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is well-acclaimed for its flexible hours encompassing most of your needs. Typically, their branches operate Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and are often closed on Sundays. But wait, this isn’t the same everywhere or for all times. Variations can occur based on location and special events, affording you even more flexibility.

To find out about the operating hours for your desired location, simply head over to their website, navigate to the ‘Locations’ page, and enter your desired pick-up location. It will display all the necessary details including the operating hours. Remember, it’s always best to check before planning your trip to ensure your pick-up or return doesn’t conflict with your local branch’s operating hours.

FAQ about Renting from Enterprise

Does Enterprise charge hidden fees?

No, Enterprise does not charge hidden fees. They disclose all costs upfront. However, be aware that taxes, fees, and optional extras like car seat hire or GPS will add to the base rate. Always check the cost breakdown to avoid surprises.

Why does enterprise charge $200 deposit?

Enterprise requires a standard rental rate security deposit, which can be $200 or more depending on your rental details. This is a common practice among car rental firms to cover any potential additional costs such as late returns, damages, or extended rental duration. The deposit is usually refunded post rental, once the car is returned in good condition and on time.

How much is it to rent a car for 4 days?

The cost to rent a car for 4 days depends on factors like car class, location, and time of year. For instance, an economy vehicle might start around $132 ($33 per day), while a premium vehicle may cost up to $328 ($82 per day). SUV rentals are also available, with prices that can vary. These prices may vary, so remember to check the website or call your nearest branch for exact figures.

What is the best rental car company?

The “best” vehicle rental company can greatly depend on your specific needs and preferences. But according to numerous customer reviews and service ratings, Enterprise, Budget, and Hertz are among the top contenders for vehicle rental. Each has its strengths: for example, Enterprise is praised for its excellent customer service and vehicle range, Budget for its affordability, and Hertz for its comprehensive loyalty program. It’s all about finding the right fit for you!

Can you negotiate prices with enterprise?

While car rental pricing generally remains fixed, it’s always worth asking for a better rental car deal or inquiring about any promotions when renting from Enterprise. You never know what kind of rental car deal you might score! Also, loyalty reward programs can often yield discounts or free rental days over time. So don’t be shy, ask away!

Why is enterprise more expensive?

You may find Enterprise’s prices slightly higher due to their expansive network of locations, high-quality vehicles, and excellent customer service. Plus, with those little extra perks like free pick-up, the prices make sense. Always consider the total value you’re getting, not just the base line price.

how much is enterprise car rental per day

The daily cost to rent a car from Enterprise varies widely based on several factors such as location and type of vehicle. On average, prices can range from approximately $50-$100 per day for standard vehicles. But remember, rates can change based on availability and seasonality, so it’s best to check on the website for real-time pricing.

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