Club Car Wash Prices: How Much Does it Cost?

Story About Club Car Wash

Club Car Wash is a brand that offers car wash services. It was founded in 2003 by Rollie Bartels and is currently the leading car wash provider in the area. The company offers a wide range of services, which allows it to compete with other providers in the area. Additionally, Club Car Wash offers premium options, such as interior detailing and undercarriage washing, which makes it a desirable choice for customers.

Recently, Club Car Wash has updated its wash pricing and it will be going into effect on July 1st. There are now four different types of washes. The prices for each type of wash vary depending on the value, but the general price range is between $7 and $25.

Club Car Wash Prices:


The Club Car Wash offers three main package tiers: single retail washes, unlimited, and business accounts. The prices for the packages(monthly) are $20 for the Rookie package, $27 for the VIP package, and $32 for the Elite package. It is also 40$ for the MVP package.

Different car wash packages offer different services and come with different prices. The Rookie package, for example, includes a basic car wash, while the MVP package offers a more comprehensive cleaning service.

There are a few different packages(per single wash) that customers can choose from when they go to Club Car Wash. The Rookie package costs $7, the VIP package costs $12, the Elite package costs $17, and the MVP package costs $25..

club car wash hours

Unlimited Club:

On the other hand, the Unlimited Club offers great value. For one monthly price with no contract, you can wash your car as often as you’d like at any of our locations. Plus, if you sign up for a membership at one location, you can wash your car at any of our locations nationwide. Whether you wash once a week or once a day, the Unlimited Club is a great investment.

Business Accounts :

Club Car Wash Prices can vary depending on the type of membership that you have. For example, MVP Business Membership is $35/month and Elite Business Membership is $25/month. If you are a VIP Business Member, then it will cost you $23/month. Lastly, Rookie Business Memberships are $20/per month. However, if your business has 6 or more vehicles, then you will qualify for business pricing.

Prices in a simple way :

The Rookie price is $7 (single), $20 (unlimited) , and $20 (business account).

The VIP price is $12 (single), $27 (unlimited) , and $23 (business account).

The Elite price is $17 (single), $32 (unlimited) , and $25 (business account).

The MVP price is $25 (single), $40 (unlimited) , and $35 (business account).

Club car wash $10 Tuesday

On Tuesdays, the club car wash offers an MVP wash for $10. This includes basic services such as vacuuming, window cleaning, and tire shine. For every MVP single wash purchased, $1 will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It is only available in some cities and some periods of time.

club car wash hours

Mon-Sat: 7:00am-8:00pm

Sun: 8:00am-7:00pm

open daily

The club car wash hours are Monday-Friday 7 am-9 pm, Saturday 8 am-9 pm, and Sunday 8 am-7 pm.

The club car wash is open during Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving but is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

There is a freeze weather closure policy that may vary due to extreme weather conditions.

Club Car Wash offers coupons

You can find out if there are active promotions by visiting their website.

Currently, Club Car Wash is running a few promotional offers. However, these offers are only available at the physical locations and not through the online store. Customers can take advantage of discounts on car washes, detailing services, and more when they visit one of the physical sites.

At Club Car Wash, They offer more than just a car wash! Their customers receive a free towel and access to their vacuums. Plus, They regularly offer coupons and discounts on Their services, so be sure to check back often!

What is club card wash unlimited club?

  • Club card wash unlimited club is a subscription service that allows members to wash their car as often as they like for a low price.
  • The service is available at club car washes all around the world.
  • The service includes the use of towels, vacuum cleaners, and self-grabber devices.
  • Members can use the service at any club car wash location.
  • The club card wash unlimited club is a subscription service that offers free car washes.
  • The club card wash unlimited club offers free car washes every day.
  • The club card wash unlimited club is available at all locations.
  • Membership in the club is free for first-time members and requires a gift card to be used.
  • The gift card must be purchased from the location where the membership is being used.
  • Membership in the club can be canceled or reactivated at any time by contacting the location where the membership is being used.

Club car wash locations

The company website that allows users to get the nearest Club Car Wash location by just activating their device position.

Locations coming to Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse!

The locations of Club Car Washes can be found here.

Club Car Wash prices vary based on the location.

Frequently asked questions

The MVP price is $25 for a single wash and the monthly is $40.

The elite price is $17 for a single wash and the monthly is $32.

The company offers a number of specials throughout the year. You can also check out their social media accounts to get notified about promotions. You can join their newsletter to receive promotional emails.

Customers can pay their online accounts automatically via debit or credit cards.Cash is also available if you don’t have other payment options available.

The VIP price is $12 (single), $27 (unlimited) , and $23 (business account).

You can cancel your plan online by using this page to manage your account. Once your plan is canceled, you can still use the benefits until the next billing date. You can change your wash plan or cancel your membership at any time.

Still have questions?

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