Flagship Car Wash Prices: How Much does it Cost?

Introduction to Flagship Car Wash Centers

Overview of Flagship Car Wash Centers

Flagship Car Wash Centers cater to customers with a passion for their automobiles, making it their mission to restore vehicles to their original showroom shine. They compensate their committed service with an eco-friendly stance. The renowned “auto bathers” employ green LEED-certified water systems and eco-friendly chemicals to disinfect dusty vehicles, effectively safeguarding the environment while pleasing passengers. As a top merchant, Flagship Car Wash Centers boasts an impressive average consumer rating of 4.5 stars or higher, evaluated from more than 400 ratings.

With a high average rating of 4.5 stars based on over 400 ratings, Flagship Car Wash Centers is a top-notch merchant focused on customer satisfaction and environmental conservation. They use eco-friendly chemicals and a LEED-certified water system for efficient water usage, setting them apart in the industry. With an array of services, including detailed vehicle cleaning and scratching removal, Flagship Car Wash provides top-tier service for all sorts of vehicles.

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Locations of Flagship Car Wash Centers

Flagship Car Wash Centers are conveniently situated across various locations, ensuring easy access for vehicle owners in need of a quick, high-quality car wash. The full-service Flagship of Herndon is centrally located near the intersection of Grant and Grove streets. This premier facility provides customers with four express detailing options including exterior, interior, carpets, and seats detailing.

On the other hand, the Flagship of Leesburg is just off Catoctin Circle SE and the W&OD Trail. It offers a multitude of vending options for both interior and exterior cleaning, allowing customers to personalize their wash.

Flagship Car Wash’s most impressive feather in the cap is the latest Ashburn location, which holds the distinction of being the largest indoor car wash facility in the United States. This colossal 65,000-square-foot building houses cutting-edge equipment, including side-by-side double wash tunnels, 22 free vacuum stations, 10 detailing bays, and three dry-belt conveyors for full-service interior cleaning.

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Flagship Car Wash Centers have multiple locations for your convenience. Among these are Flagship of Herndon, near Grant and Grove streets, which comes equipped with top-level exterior and interior detailing options. Another location, Flagship of Leesburg, is easily accessible off of Catoctin Circle SE and the W&OD Trail also offers diverse vending options for a custom wash. The Ashburn location holds the record as the biggest indoor car wash facility in the United States. All locations uphold the high standard of quick, superior-quality car wash service that Flagship is known for.;

Flagship Car Wash hours

The Flagship Car Wash Centers have designed their operating hours keeping in mind the busy schedules of their customers. They provide extended hours of operation seven days a week for both full-service and self-serve options.

For the full-service car wash options, which includes both exterior and interior cleaning, centers operate from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday. This gives ample time for customers to come in at their convenience and get a comprehensive cleaning service for their vehicles.

On the other hand, for customers who prefer to handle the exterior cleaning themselves, the self-serve stations and free vacuums are available from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday.

By offering these flexible hours, Flagship Car Wash Centers aim to meet the diverse needs of their customer base, accommodating both those who prefer a quick service early in the morning before work and those who prefer an after-office hours service.

The operating hours may vary among locations, so it’s best to contact your preferred Flagship Car Wash Center for the most accurate hours of operation. To receive further details, customers are encouraged to fill in their full name, phone number, and email address, and select the location they are interested in, and our team will respond promptly.

The Flagship Car Wash Centers maintain regular hours at all their locations to offer ample convenience for their customers. From Monday to Sunday, they provide Full Service Car Wash (Exterior & Interior) from 8AM to 7PM. Additionally, between 8AM to 9PM, they offer self-serve Exterior Service and Free Vacuums. These extended self-service hours allow for flexibility according to the customer’s schedule.

Flagship car wash price list

Wash Typesingle washUnlimitedIncludes
Basic exterior$12$23.99▪ soft cloth foam wash
▪ spot free rinse
Super exterior$18$31.99▪ basic plus
Flagship Package$39$69.99▪ INCLUDES ULTIMATE PACKAGE PLUS…

Breaking down the prices at Flagship

Basic Exterior Wash

If you are looking for an efficient yet high-quality exterior cleaning service, the Basic Exterior Wash at Flagship Car Wash Centers is the perfect option. Planned for customers who are specifically interested in outdoor vehicle cleaning, the Basic Exterior Wash covers all the fundamental aspects of car washing.

What’s included in the Basic Exterior Wash:

  1. Bug Off: Our bug off solution helps to effortlessly remove all the stubborn bug splatters from the exterior of your car. It’s an extra layer of cleaning before the main wash, ensuring that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Tire Cleaner & Wheel Cleaner: Our tire and wheel cleaning solution helps to efficiently remove dirt and brake dust, restoring the shine and lustre of your wheels.
  3. Pre-soak: A important step to aid in the loosening and softening of dirt and grime from the surface of your car.
  4. High-Pressure Soap and Rinse: A high-pressure soap wash effectively removes dirt and grime, followed by a thorough rinse.
  5. Turbo Dry: Finally, your car goes through a turbo dry process that ensures your vehicle is completely dry, preventing water spots and streaks.

By offering all these services in this package, the team at Flagship Car Wash ensures that even if you are opting for a basic package, your car gets the attention it deserves.

The Basic Exterior Wash from Flagship Car Wash includes a series of stages to ensure your car is cleaned thoroughly. Starting with the Bug Off and Pre-Soak stages to remove hard-to-clean spots, the car then undergoes High Pressure Soap and Foam Brush for a diligent deep clean. Post this, the High Pressure Rise removes all cleaning agents along with the grime, following which the car is treated with Triple Foam Conditioner and Clear Coat Protectant for a shiny finish. This service is topped off with a Turbo Dry for a quick and efficient drying process.

The major benefits include:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Protection against dirt and grime
  • Lustrous look and feel

The use of state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with their dedicated service, makes Flagship Car Wash an ideal choice for all your car cleaning needs.

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Super Exterior Wash

When you wish to give your car’s exterior a superior clean, the Super Exterior Wash package is the ideal choice. It encompasses all the features of the Basic Exterior Wash, but further includes advanced cleaning and protection elements.

Features Included in the Super Exterior Wash:

  1. Basic Exterior Cleaning: This encompasses the bug off solution, wheel and tire cleaning, pre-soak, high-pressure soap and rinse, and turbo dry.
  2. Triple Foam Conditioner: This triple-action foam applicator deep cleans, shines, and protects your car’s exterior, giving it a sparkling and glossy finish.
  3. Clear Coat Protectant: A layer of clear coat protectant is applied to your car’s exterior to keep it safe from harsh environmental conditions, like UV rays and acid rain.
  4. Undercarriage Flush: This process removes dirt, salt, and other debris that accumulates underneath your vehicle, helping to prevent rust and corrosion.

By opting for the Super Exterior Wash, you ensure that your car’s exterior is not just clean but also well protected, maintaining its overall aesthetic appeal.

The Super Exterior Wash by Flagship Car Wash further extends the services provided in the Basic Exterior wash. It includes exclusive features such as Poly Gloss Protectant and an Undercarriage Flush which effectively removes accumulated grime from hard-to-reach areas. Following this, your vehicle goes through an external wipe down and your windows are professionally cleaned for a sparkling finish.

Key benefits of this service include:

  1. Enhanced gloss and shine
  2. Effectual undercarriage cleaning
  3. Improves the overall look of your vehicle

Select Flagship Car Wash for this complete and comprehensive car wash package for an impressive finish.

![Super Exterior Wash Service Overview][Super_Exterior_Wash]

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Deluxe Exterior Wash

The Deluxe Exterior Wash is an upgraded service package that caters to car owners looking for a more comprehensive exterior cleaning service. This package provides an in-depth cleaning experience for your car, combining all the services of the Basic and Super Exterior Washes, with some added deluxe features.

Features Included in the Deluxe Exterior Wash:

  1. Basic and Super Exterior Cleaning: This includes bug and dirt removal, tire and wheel cleaning, pre-soak, high-pressure soap and rinse, turbo dry, triple foam conditioner, clear coat protectant, and undercarriage flush.
  2. Poly Gloss Protectant: Adding to the appeal and protection, a poly gloss protectant is applied to provide exceptional shine and long-lasting protection to your car’s exterior.
  3. Tire Shine: Our tire shine solution is applied to the tires, rejuvenating their look and giving them an exceptional shine.

With the Deluxe Exterior Wash, the focus is not only on cleaning your vehicle but also on enhancing its aesthetic appeal. As the saying goes, “The car looks as good as it drives.” A sparkling clean vehicle naturally drives better.

The Deluxe Exterior Wash is a premium service package offered by Flagship Car Wash. This package builds upon the Super Exterior Wash by adding an Interior Vacuum, Wipe Console, and Tire Shine services. These services ensure that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle are meticulously cleaned to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and drive comfort.

The key benefits of the Deluxe Exterior Wash include:

  • Comprehensive cleaning for both interior and exteriors
  • Retroactive prevention of tire wear
  • Enhanced cleanliness and presentation of your vehicle

If you seek a detailed and deeply satisfying cleaning service for your vehicle, Flagship Car Wash’s Deluxe Exterior Wash is your go-to choice.

![Deluxe Exterior Wash Service Overview][Deluxe_Exterior_Wash]

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Ultimate Unlimited Package

The Ultimate Unlimited Package takes vehicle upkeep to the next level by allowing unlimited washes for your vehicle for a monthly payment. With this package at Flagship Car Wash, you can visit any time, any day, and as many times as you like, to keep your vehicle in optimum form.

Exciting benefits of this package are:

  1. Unrestricted washes per month
  2. Cost-efficient for frequent users
  3. Upkeeps your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and cleanliness

If you are dedicated to maintaining a clean and impressive vehicle – Flagship Car Wash’s Ultimate Unlimited package is your best option with superb value.

Flagship Unlimited Package

The Flagship Unlimited Package is an innovative package that allows for unlimited car washes at any Flagship Car Wash Center. Uniquely, this deal includes the Ultimate Full-service Car Wash, which contains services such as soft cloth wash, high-pressure cleaning, wheel blast, underbody flush and a clear-coat sealant.

Compelling benefits of this package include:

  1. Flexible unlimited washes opportunity
  2. A comprehensive wash plan that covers interior and exterior wash
  3. Enhanced longevity and preservation of your vehicle’s appeal

If you’re keen on frequent and comprehensive car maintenance, then the Flagship Unlimited Package is indeed a worthwhile investment.

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flagship car wash cancel membership

Canceling your Flagship Car Wash membership is a straightforward process. You just need to submit the request at least three working days before your next billing date to avoid the next charge.

To cancel, you can either:

  • Contact customer service – Flagship’s dedicated customer service agents can be reached via email or the customer service number for any queries or requests.
  • Cancel at the location – Visit any Flagship Car Wash location and let an associate assist you in canceling your membership.

Ensure to have your Membership Number and Vehicle Plate Number for a seamless and quick cancellation procedure.

Flagship Car Wash coupon

Flagship Car Wash offers lucrative coupons to provide customers with excellent cost-saving opportunities. Whether it’s a discount on premium services or on an entire package, the available coupons help customers save significantly on upkeep costs for their vehicles.

Regularly check for coupon updates on Flagship Car Wash’s website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on current offers and discounts. Also, look out for third-party deal websites that may feature Flagship Car Wash coupons.

By taking advantage of these coupons, you can keep your car in top-notch condition without spending a fortune.

flagship one return policy

Flagship One has a comprehensive return policy to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase, you may return it within 14 days of receiving it, given that the product is in its original condition. When returning, please include the original invoice and a note explaining why it’s being returned.

Should you want to exchange an item, Flagship One’s tech team will first attempt to resolve the issue. If they’re unable to rectify it, they provide a free return label for return shipping. It should be noted, however, that cancellation and restocking fees may apply.

With this policy, Flagship One ensures fairness and convenience to its customers regarding returns and refunds.

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What are the business hours of Flagship Car Wash Centers?

Flagship Car Wash Centers operate seven days a week. For Full Service Car Wash (Exterior & Interior), the centers open from 8AM to 7PM. However, if you need a self-service Exterior wash or need to use Free Vacuums, the centers open longer, from 8AM to 9PM. This schedule ensures they can accommodate your car washing needs at a time most convenient for you.

Which package is most suitable for me?

The suitable package for you depends on your needs and frequency of washes. If you need a simple exterior wash occasionally, the Basic Exterior Wash would suffice. For more frequent washes with additional features, choose the Super or Deluxe Exterior Wash. For those requiring daily cleanups, the Ultimate Unlimited or Flagship Unlimited Packages provide unlimited washes monthly for a set fee. These options cater to different needs, from basic cleaning to comprehensive maintenance.

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