LUV Car Wash Prices In Detailed

If you love your car, then you should take it to a LUV Car Wash. They offer the best prices for high quality car washes. Check out the prices:

What about luv car wash

LUV Car Wash is revolutionizing the carwash industry with its unlimited wash subscription model, co-founded by Darren Skarecky and JT Thomson. With 20 years of experience in the carwash business, Thomson has overseen the acquisition of 36 carwash locations in just 18 months. Thanks to his expertise and knowledge, LUV Car Wash is positioned to become a leading name in the industry.

luv car wash prices

Luv Car Wash offers three different wash packages for your convenience.

  • The First LUV package costs $9.99 for the first month and $22.99 for monthly unlimited, offering Pre-Soak, Triple Foam, Bug Remover, and Wheel Cleaner. Single washes cost $10.
  • The Lotta LUV package costs $9.99 for the first month and $29.99 for monthly unlimited. It features Tire Shine, Carnauba Wax, Total Body Protectant, and 2x Wheel Cleaner. Single washes cost $17.
  • Lastly, the All The LUV package costs $9.99 for the first month and $36.99 for monthly unlimited. It features  Ceramic Shield,  Fusion Prime, Entrance Bath, and  Scent Shot. Single washes cost $22.

What are the Luv car wash locations

The Luv car wash locations are currently located in Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Savannah, Georgia, with additional locations on the way. check out more here.

luv car wash free wash

Are you looking for the luv car wash free wash price on special days like Veteran’s Day? If so, They are offering free car washes on special days. This is a special one-time offer so make sure to take advantage of it!

luv car wash cancel membership

If you need to cancel your membership at LUV Car Wash, you can contact their customer support team for help.

Step 1: Call (480) 690-3301 or (480) 690-3301 to reach their customer support team.

Step 2: Explain that you need to cancel your membership at LUV Car Wash.

Step 3: Provide the customer support team with your membership details, such as your name and membership number.

Step 4: The customer support team will confirm the cancellation of your membership.

If you need further assistance, you can email

luv car wash reviews

The prices at LUV Car Wash vary depending on the services you choose. For a basic car wash, you can expect to pay around $15. This includes a hand wash, exterior wash and wax, wheel cleaning, and interior vacuuming. For additional services such as clay bar and wax, tire dressing, and headlight restoration, you can expect to pay up to $45.

It’s important to compare prices when deciding on a car wash. Other car washes in the area may offer different services for different prices. For example, some may offer a basic car wash for $10 and a premium car wash for $25. Additionally, some car washes may also offer special discounts or packages that can help you save money.

LUV car wash

Overall, LUV Car Wash is a convenient and affordable option for getting your car washed. With their commitment to environmental sustainability and their charitable donations, they are a great choice for those who want to keep their cars looking their best while supporting a positive cause.

conclusion :

Looking for a good deal on your next car wash? Look no further! Our page has all the information you need on LUV car washes, from details on services to prices. By comparing prices and reading reviews, you can find the best deal for your needs. Save money while getting clean cars in the process!

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