Express Oil Change Prices and How to get the Best Deal

If you’re looking for an express oil change, there are a few things you need to know. In this post, we’ll discuss express oil change prices and how to get the best deal. First, it’s important to understand that there are different types of oil changes. There is the traditional oil change, which involves draining all the old oil out of your car and replacing it with new oil. This type of service usually takes about 30 minutes. Then there is the synthetic blend or full synthetic oil change. This type of service usually takes about 45 minutes. The price of an express oil change will vary depending on the type of service you choose and the location you go to.

What is Express Oil Change?

Express Oil Change, a leading name in the automotive service industry, should be your go-to choice for all your car maintenance needs. With over four decades of experience and 200 locations across the South, they deliver unmatched service and value that cares for both your vehicle and your pocket.Along with oil changes, they provide a range of maintenance services such as transmission fluid replacements, tire rotation, and other services.

Here’s why you should consider Express Oil Change:

  • Expertise and Experience: Their seasoned technicians have extensive knowledge of all car make and models, ensuring accurate and efficient service.
  • Speed and Convenience: Express Oil Change values your time. They’re famous for their swift service that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Transparent and Honest Approach: They believe in a clear and honest approach, providing satisfactory answers for all your queries and services.

Express Oil Change provides a wide array of services that encompass oil change solutions utilizing top-notch oils and filters.They utilize oil filters of superior quality that are specifically designed to meet or surpass the standards set by the industry.

Give your car the service it deserves with Express Oil Change because maintaining your vehicle shouldn’t have to be tedious or complicated.

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Express Oil Change Prices

When it comes to an oil change, Express Oil stands out due to their expertise, affordability, and efficiency. Here’s why:

  • Renowned for offering quick and affordable services, Express Oil ensures your car is serviced without a hole in your wallet.
  • The prices vary based on your chosen oil type, with rates as low as $34.99 for conventional oil and up to $74.99 for premium Mobil 1 Synthetic oil.
  • Lastly, unsure of what oil to use? Express Oil’s experienced mechanics are there to guide you through.

Express Oil Change offers high-quality work at fantastic rates, making it a prime choice for your vehicle’s needs. With their discounts and expert advice, they make the oil changing process convenient and accessible.

Full Svc Conventional Oil Change$38.99
Full Svc MaxLife Oil Change$58.99
Full Svc Synthetic Oil Change$72.99
Air Conditioning Service$79.99
Air Filters$8.99
Belt Replacement$98.99
Brake Service$189.99
Cabin Air Filter$38.99
Engine Light Diagnostics$94.99
Coolant Flush$79.99
Differential Service$49.99
Emissions/State Inspections$25.00
Fuel Filters$39.99
Fuel System Cleaning$79.99
Light Bulb Replacement$6.99
Tire Rotation and Balance$34.99
TPMS Diagnostics$29.99
Transmission Service (Auto)$69.99
Transmission Service (Manual)$49.99
Tune Ups$79.99
Wiper Blades$10.99
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express oil change services

Step into Express Oil Change for high-quality, fast, and efficient oil-changing services tailored to suit your vehicle’s specific needs. Here, we don’t just do oil changes, we ensure your vehicle gets the care and attention it deserves.

Three prime benefits you will enjoy with our services include:

  • Premium oil options, either conventional or synthetic, depending on your vehicle’s requirements.
  • Trusted expertise of Express Oil technicians ensuring an efficient oil change and an overall vehicle check.
  • Affordable rates with prices as low as $32.99 for an oil change, ensuring value for your money.

When you opt for a full-service oil change, it entails the replacement of both your vehicle’s motor oil and its oil filters.Their services include replacing air filters, which play a vital role in ensuring clean air is taken in and engine performance remains efficient.In addition to providing oil changes, they also offer tire services, brake inspections and repairs, wheel alignments, and various other services.

Choose Express Oil Change today, and experience the seamless blend of quality, affordability, and speed. You won’t regret it.

express oil change hours

Choose Express Oil Change for their flexible service hours, tailored to suit your convenience. Open Monday through Saturday, they’re ready to serve you when you need it the most.

  • Trust in over 34 years of experience; longevity in the industry speaks volumes about their quality.
  • Enjoy the ease of online appointment scheduling to reduce wait times.
  • Rely on their top-notch services backed by a limited warranty ensuring peace of mind.

Consider choosing Express Oil Change, where you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable service and competitive pricing, all wrapped up in a 10-minute oil change process. Schedule your next service with us and experience the Express Oil difference.

10 minute express oil change

Consider the 10-minute express oil change service offered by Express Oil Company. This unique service not only saves you valuable time with a quick turn-around, but it also ensures top-notch quality, this comprehensive process keeps you safe on the roads.

10 minute express oil change prices

Key benefits include:

  • Time efficient: Your oil change is done within just 10 minutes.
  • Customer-oriented: By offering multiple services, you get exactly what your vehicle needs.
  • Assurance of quality: Despite the speedy service, quality is never compromised.

Express Oil Company’s shortcuts in time, but not safety or quality, make it truly stand out. Trust this company to enhance both your vehicle’s performance and your day’s productivity.

express tire services

Owning a vehicle is easy, but maintaining it can be a pain, right? Well, not anymore. Express Oil Change is not just your ordinary oil change service provider. Besides, it offers a plethora of services that many others lack. Here’s what makes their tire services stand out:

  • Great value for money
  • High-quality tire repairs and replacements
  • Tailored services suited to your personalized need
  • Special offers available for impressive savings
  • Competency and convenience rolled into one


  1. Proven expertise in tire servicing
  2. Convenient same day service
  3. Affordable pricing starting from just $49.99
  4. Availability of deals and coupons
  5. Wide range of tire brands offered


  1. Limited tire brands availability depending on the location
  2. Wait times may vary depending on the work queue
  3. Inconsistent pricing across locations
  4. Customized services might incur additional costs
  5. Restrictions on discounts dependent on location

So, the take-away here is, get your tire services from Express Oil Change because maintenance never looked more attractive!

express oil change tire engineers

Keep your car running like a dream with Express Oil Change service offered by Tire Engineers. It’s fast, easy and won’t break the bank. Here’s why our service is worth considering:

  • Quick, drive-through oil change with no appointment necessary.
  • Technicians proficient in various vehicle models and maintenance procedures.
  • State-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced technology for efficient service.

Don’t compromise on your vehicle’s health. With competitive pricing, exceptional service, and excellent customer reviews, Tire Engineers’ Express Oil Change service makes it a go-to choice.The technicians at Express Oil Change examine and replenish crucial fluids, such as transmission, brake, power steering, and coolant fluids, in order to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle.

Get your oil change done today, and enjoy a smoother ride tomorrow.

what oil does express oil change use

When it comes to top-notch vehicle maintenance, Express Oil Change delivers with high-quality oils sourced from reputable suppliers. Trust Express Oil Change for your vehicle for a consistent, quality-assured service. Main benefits of using this oil include:

  • Premium protection for your engine ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Unparalleled performance, be it with full synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil.
  • Dependable products tailoring to your specific vehicle needs and manufacturer recommendations.

Choose Express Oil Change as your go-to oil change service provider. Based on data pertaining to authorized auto repair establishments in the United States, the typical expense for a regular oil change is approximately $38.

With competitive prices ranging from $34.99 for conventional oil to $74.99 for Mobil 1 Synthetic oil, you’re guaranteed a fast, efficient, and affordable service. Your car deserves only the best.

ladies day oil change

Ladies, are you due for an oil change? Every Tuesday, Express Oil Change rolls out the red carpet with our “Ladies Day” special that saves you an extra $5. Consider this service for your next car maintenance need and enjoy a host of benefits:

  • Discounted prices with an additional $5 off on regular oil change services
  • Fast and efficient service that takes just 10 minutes
  • A free car wash with every oil change, adding value to your visit

With Express Oil Change, you receive excellent service at competitive prices, making us your go-to destination for vehicle care. Experience the savings and convenience every time you visit us on Ladies Day.

How does express oil change work

Experience the seamless process of an Express Oil Change – a service geared toward efficiency, transparency, and top-quality maintenance. It’s a must-have service for any car owner seeking reliable and speedy vehicle upkeep.

  • You’ll enjoy tailored service options targeting your car’s specific needs, ensuring complete care for your vehicle.
  • Experience transparency like never before with clear explanations of services and costings, keeping you well-informed at every step.
  • Benefit from the signature 10-Minute Oil Change – a thorough, swift inspection that guarantees peak vehicle performance.

It is enough to state that Express Oil’s oil change services encompass a thorough examination of various essential components in your vehicle, such as wiper fluid, windshield wipers, suspension, engine hoses, belts, air filters, tires brakes and lights. Evaluating the condition of all these parts usually comes at no additional cost.Choose Express Oil Change and empower yourself with the right service decisions, keeping your vehicle at its best, while saving precious time.

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