Meineke Oil Change Prices 2023

You’re driving down the highway and you notice your car is starting to make a funny noise. You pull over to the side of the road and pop open the hood. You take a look and realize that your oil is low, so you need an oil change. The question now becomes, how much does an oil change cost?

If you’re like most people, you don’t really know because you’ve never had to pay for one before. Oil changes are typically something that’s done by a professional, such as a mechanic or an oil change service.

But the cost of an oil change can vary depending on a few factors, such as the type of oil used and the size of your car’s engine.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Meineke oil change prices and how they compare to other popular options out there.

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What is Meineke?

So, you’re wondering what Meineke is? Well, imagine a one-stop-shop for all your car needs – that’s Meineke for you! Founded in 1971 and now operating in more than 900 locations, they’re renowned for services including:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Brake repairs
  • Battery checks and more.

And unlike your local garage, Meineke has certified technicians suggesting the best solutions specifically for your car. Need an example? Say you need an oil change, they won’t just use any oil, but the one that works best for your car! So, there you have it, that’s Meineke in a nutshell.

Meineke Oil Change Prices


Package TypePricesIncludes
High Mileage Blend Oil Change$59.95-Tire pressure check
– Fluid top-off
– Free tire rotation
– Visual brake check
– Standard oil filter replacement
-Courtesy check
Synthetic Blend Oil Change
-Tire pressure check
– Fluid top-off
– Free tire rotation
– Visual brake check
– Standard oil filter replacement
-Courtesy check
Full Synthetic Blend Oil Change$64.95-Tire pressure check
– Fluid top-off
– Free tire rotation
– Visual brake check
– Standard oil filter replacement
-Courtesy check
Prices at PHILADELPHIA location

1. How Much Does a Meineke Synthetic Blend Oil Change Cost?

Getting your ride a Synthetic Blend Oil Change at Meineke isn’t going to break the bank. It usually costs around $34.95, which is pretty much on par with what the rest of the industry asks for. To determine the cost, the main factor is the type of oil your car needs, with synthetic blends being the more wallet-friendly option. Now, remember, prices can differ slightly from one location to another so don’t be surprised if your local Meineke charges a bit more or less. Regardless, it’s a fair deal for a necessity like an oil change, isn’t it?

2. How Much Does a Regular Oil Change Cost?

Hey there! Your regular oil change at Meineke can cost you anything between $20 to $100. This variation seems huge right? Here’s why:

  • Your car’s specifics: Got a luxury car or a larger vehicle? That might need costlier oil or more of it.
  • Type of oil: You’ve got options. There’s conventional, synthetic blends, or full synthetic oil – each with different price tags.
  • Location: Living in a posh area? The labor charge may just sneak up on you.

Just remember to peek at your owner’s manual, ready at your fingertips, so you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need!

3. Do You Offer Discounts or Deals?

Hey there! We understand looking for savings for your car’s needs like an oil change. Unfortunately, at this moment, Meineke is not offering specific discounts for students, seniors, or military members. But good news—here’s what you can do:

  • Regularly check Meineke’s website for any updates on new discounts and offers.
  • Explore websites of Deals and Discounts, they may have Meineke deals.
  • Use the vast CouponXoo database for updated Meineke coupons.
  • Finally, always check your local Meineke store for any current service specials and coupons.

Drive safe, and do remember to take care of your car under budget!

4. What Are the Additional Services Offered?

When you get an oil change at Meineke, you’re signing up for more than just a simple service. You’re getting a comprehensive check-up for your car led by experienced technicians. Here’s a rundown of this all-inclusive package:

  • They begin with a thorough tire pressure check and if needed, a tire replacement.
  • Next up, tire rotations are performed promoting even wear and longer tire life.
  • A critical part of the package is a visual brake check, ensuring your safety on the road.
  • They top off your vehicle’s fluid levels preventing potential damage.
  • Finally, you receive a free 23-point inspection, spotting mechanical issues before they become hefty repairs.

Enjoy these, and more benefits just by signing up for an oil change with Meineke.

5. Are the Mechanics Qualified?

Absolutely, Meineke’s mechanics are well-equipped for the job of oil changes. These are not just your run-of-the-mill technicians. Meineke’s certified experts offer specialized services tailored to your car. They won’t just suggest any engine oil, but the one that performs best in your ride. And you won’t have to worry about your car being handled by a raw recruit. A friend of mine took his Ford F150 to Meineke for an oil change 6 months ago and till now, there’s been no issue of an oil leak or shortage. Trust me, you’re in qualified hands at Meineke.

6. Is There a Waiting Area With Refreshments?

I’m sorry to tell you, but based on the available research, we can’t confirm if Meineke has a waiting area with refreshments for customers during oil changes. The research we’ve combed through does tell us about their working hours, types of services provided, and that they accept credit cards. But it keeps quiet about the comfort details – comfy couches and hot coffee. You might want to give them a call to get that clarity. Or else, surprise yourself! And hey, if you’ve been there before, drop a review letting others know whether they can sip on something frothy while their car gets pampered!

7. Are There Vehicle Maintenance Alerts?

Meineke Car Care Center, though renowned for their extensive array of vehicle maintenance and repair services, currently does not offer vehicle maintenance alerts. They provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Comprehensive oil change services, where they not only change the oil but also offer services like changing your oil filters and checking your car’s tire pressure.
  • Visual brake checks to ensure your safety on the road.
  • Fluid top-offs to ensure your car is running smoothly.

Don’t forget the tire rotation service they offer, which helps to keep your tires in optimal condition. But for maintenance alerts, you’ll have to rely on your car’s built-in systems or third-party apps.

8. Is There a Guarantee on the Work Performed?

The research provided does not contain any specific information addressing whether Meineke offers a guarantee on the work performed during an oil change. A new piece of research is required to answer this question accurately.

9. How Does the Meineke Oil Change Process Work?

When you get an oil change at a Meineke service center, you’re in for more than just new oil! Let’s walk through the process:

  1. First, the experienced techs at Meineke will conduct a detailed 23-point inspection of your vehicle – for free! This will help identify any potential problems before they become costly repairs.
  2. They’ll change your oil and replace the filter with up to 5 quarts of the new oil you choose.
  3. Your tire pressure will be checked and adjusted as needed.
  4. They’ll perform a visual brake check. This could be a life-saver!
  5. Next is a complimentary fluid top-off, so you don’t have to worry about running low.
  6. They even throw in a tire rotation.

Remember, all these services come with your oil change, allowing you to score big on car maintenance with a single visit.


Does meineke do oil changes

Yes, Meineke does provide oil change services! When you need an oil change, Meineke certainly offers a robust solution. Not only do they replace your oil with up to 5 quarts of your chosen type and a standard filter, but their seasoned technicians will give your car a thorough check. For instance, imagine taking your SUV in for an oil change and getting a tire rotation, visual brake check, fluid top-off, and a comprehensive 23-point inspection all included in the price. So, for an oil change that’s more than just a basic swap, Meineke has got you covered.

How much is a full synthetic oil change at meineke

A full synthetic oil change at Meineke will set you back $69.95. Despite being the priciest option, it’s an investment worth considering for vehicles less than 10 years old. Your car’s engine benefits from the top-notch lubrication, reducing wear and tear. Picture this – it’s like keeping your car’s engine youthful and spritely, even as it gracefully ages. As the cherry on top, this deal includes tire rotation and fluid top-off, giving you more bang for your buck! Here’s what you’re paying for:

  • Full Synthetic Oil: $69.95
  • Tire Rotation: Included in the package
  • Fluid Top-off: Included in the package

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