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No matter which type of car wash you choose, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands. Kwik Trip’s experienced and professional staff will have your car sparkling clean in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to your nearest Kwik Trip today and take advantage of their great car wash prices!

Introduction to Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip is a convenience store chain that has been in operation for over 50 years. They are most well-known for their car wash services, which have been available since 1997. They offer a variety of car wash packages, and the automatic tunnel car washes.

Kwik Trip has become a popular car wash brand due to its convenience and reliability. Their car washes are both fast and thorough, with a typical car wash taking only 7 minutes. In addition, they also offer special deals and rewards through their loyalty program, making their services even more affordable. Moreover, Kwik Trip is committed to providing excellent customer service and is known for having well-trained and friendly staff. All these factors combine to make Kwik Trip a popular choice for car wash services.

What are the car wash pricing structures of Kwik Trip?


At Kwik Trip, the standard car wash pricing structure includes a pre-soak or foam bath, high pressure or soft foam wash, spot free rinse, 99 second super dry, all for a price of $8. This is a great value compared to other car washes, as it offers a comprehensive car wash that is both fast and effective. It is also an affordable option, as the price is comparable to other car washes.


For the Ultimate package, customers can get the standard package plus an undercarriage flush and triple foam vehicle enhancer/cleaner for $10.


Elite Kwik Trip offers car wash services at a variety of prices. The standard Elite Car Wash is priced at $12, while other options such as the Super Elite and Platinum Elite car washes cost more. The Super Elite car wash includes additional services such as wheel cleaning and tire shining, while the Platinum Elite car wash includes a full interior cleaning and exterior waxing. Additionally, Elite Kwik Trip offers discounted pricing for frequent washers.



kwik trip car wash card balance

How do you check the Kwik Trip car wash card balance? [Step-by-step instructions]

  1. Visit the Kwik Trip website ( and enter the number on the back of your car wash card.
  2. You will receive information about your card balance, including the amount of money left and the number of washes remaining.
  3. Alternatively, you can call Kwik Trip’s customer service phone number (1-800-305-6666) or visit their website to check the balance on your card.
  4. If your card has not been used in the last 12 months, a $2.00 monthly service fee will be deducted from the remaining balance.
  5. To locate your PIN, scratch off the wax concealer to the right of the card number on the back.
  6. If you have a Kwik Rewards Credit/Debit card, you can also use it to purchase fuel and receive 3¢ off per gallon at the pump.

kwik trip car wash promo code

To get the best deals and promo codes, it is advised to follow their official social media pages to stay updated on their exclusive deals and discounts.

kwik trip car wash locations

Kwik Trip Car Wash locations can be found in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. The company has over 700 store locations nationwide, offering car washes, convenience stores and fuel refilling facilities. Kwik Trip Car Wash tunnels are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can conveniently get your vehicle cleaned and refueled when you need it. Prices for car washes start from $8 to $11 with three wash packages available.

kwik trip car wash card specials

Kwik Trip offers car wash cards with some special deals and promotions. For example, the 5 Ultimate Car Wash package is valued at $50 but is currently offered for just $36 – giving customers a $14 savings. Additionally, the Elite Car Wash is currently available for only $11. Meanwhile, the company also offers a package of 10 Ultimate car washes for $55, which is normally $100, making each wash just $5.50. Kwik Trip also has a Scrip Program where customers can order gift cards to help support the company. Lastly, customers can also opt to get the Lava Shine Enhancer for just $2 if they want to add some extra glamour to their car.

kwik trip car wash


how to pay for kwik trip car wash

If you are looking to get a car wash at a Kwik Trip, the payment process is relatively simple and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  1. Purchase a code from a nearby store by paying cash to the store owner.
  2. Once you reach the Kwik kiosk, select the desired package from the available options, which include Elite, Ultimate, and Standard.
  3. Enter your purchased code on the Kiosk machine; make sure to enter the code in the same sequence as it was given to you.
  4. Wait for the Kiosk machine to process the payment and confirm the accuracy of the code.
  5. Once payment is successful, you can begin the car wash process and follow the instructions for the drying process before leaving the tunnel.

can you pay at the car wash at kwik trip

Yes, you can pay for a car wash at Kwik Trip. The prices for car washes start from $8 to $11 and customers can pay using a variety of methods, such as cash, credit/debit cards, and Kwik Trip gift cards. Kwik Trip also offers various promotional codes and coupons that customers can use to get discounts on car washes.


In this guide, we show you both the standard ,ultimate and elite options available at Kwik Trip. By choosing the right option for your needs, you can save money while getting your vehicle clean.

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