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Introducing Lubbock’s Premier Car Wash Service

Your car deserves the best! At Racer Classic Car Wash, their service excellence since 1988 sets us apart. They’ve grown exponentially, now boasting three Lubbock locations! Let us attend to your car; providing soft cloth washes, spot-free rinses, and protection against streaks.

Step into Racer Classic Car Wash, a Lubbock standout since 1988. We specialize in soft-cloth washes and spot-free rinses, delivering top-quality service across our three dynamic locations.

Choose Us for a Pristine Clean Every Time

Trust us, your car’s well-being is in safe hands. Our meticulous approach to car cleaning ensures a spotless finish, every time. What’s more, we top off each service with a hand towel dry. So forget water spots, and say hello to a glossy shine! You’ll always leave with a vehicle that’s squeaky clean and sparkling.

Why choose us? Simple – every wash is an experience you won’t forget. Our locatly-owned business promises meticulous hand washes, old-fashioned customer service, and a shine that’s second to none.

racer classic car wash

Racer classic car wash prices

At Racer Classic, they offer services that cater to every budget. From a basic exterior wash for just $16.99 to our ultimate full-service package for $44.99, they provide a performance to price ratio that’s hard to beat. Looking for a quicker yet efficient wash? Grab our ‘Exterior Fast Pass’ or reach out to us directly. Keep your car sparkling with our unbeatable prices. Now everyone can afford a clean ride with Racer Classic.

Racer Classic Car Wash offers a range of car wash packagespriced to cater to different needs and preferences. The prices and details of these offerings are:

Full Service Packages:

  • Deal: Wash, body guard, polish sealer, tire dressing, air freshener, wheel bright, interior dusting, interior vacuum, windows, and cup holder hand cleaning at $39.99
  • Ultimate: The Deal Package along with lava pre-soak and carnauba wax priced at $44.99

Exterior Wash Packages:

  • Exterior: Wheel bright and spot-free rinse for $16.99
  • The Lava: The Exterior package along with body guard, polish sealer, and lava pre-soak included for $18.99
  • The Carnauba: The Lava package with the addition of carnauba wax at a price of $22.99

For more specific needs, such as exterior fast passes, customers are encouraged to contact the company directly.

Getting to us is easy-peasy. We’re omnipresent in Lubbock – from Main Street to Old Milton. No matter where you are in the city, there’s a Racer Classic Car Wash near you.

Pricing Transparency – Know Your Cost

Detailed Breakdown of there Pricing Structure

We believe in complete transparency with our pricing here at Racer Classic Car Wash. That’s why we provide a detailed breakdown of each package. Whether you opt for a single wash or go for our “Car Care Package”, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Our Deluxe Wash packages start from a reasonable price and include a comprehensive clean. For those seeking something more, we provide additional add-on services at nominal charges. Feel free to request for detailed pricing on your next visit!

At Racer Classic, we believe in transparency. We clearly list all our packages along with their price and inclusions. This way, you know exactly what you’re paying for. Here’s what we offer:

* The ‘Car Care Package’ – an unlimited exterior option with one or more complete washes.

* Various prices based on the type of wash needed.

No hidden costs, no surprises. Just honest pricing. Trust us to keep it all upfront.

Enjoy Savings with our Various Deals and Offers

You don’t just get a sparkling car at Racer Classic Car Wash, but savings galore! Embrace a worthwhile experience with deals on first-time purchases and local category deals.

Subscribe and snag 20% off your next service! Not enough? Revel in our promotional offers and unlock a world of discounts, every time you maintain your car with us. Make sure to sign up with your email to never miss an offer!

Now, that’s unbeatable value for money!

At Racer Classic, we love to reward our customers. Our ever-changing list of offers and deals make it a pleasure to keep your car pristine. We have:

* Promotional discounts for first-time purchases.

* Exclusive email offers for subscribers.

* Special rewards for Raceway members.

With us, every car wash feels like a super deal. So make the switch today and start saving!

They Are Here in Lubbock, Always Ready to Serve You

Operating Hours to Suit your Schedule

We understand you’re busy. That’s why Racer Classic Car Wash operates at convenient hours for you. Open from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. And, just in case you need us on a Sunday, we’re here from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Now, you can fit a car wash into your plans without a worry. Show your vehicle some love, on your own time! Pop in on your schedule; we’ll be here, ready to serve.

Timings tight? No worries! We’re open from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Sunday. Yes, you heard it right – seven clean days for your car. Now, enjoy the convenience of thrusting all your wash worries on us, whenever you want!

Compelling Reasons to Choose Racer Car Wash

Testimonials: Hear It from there Satisfied Customers

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Hear it from our clients! Brian Moore, VP, NICCA USA, Inc., exclaims, “The quality of research they have done for us has been excellent.”

Our outstanding quality and commitment to customers are what earned us our reputation. We strive for nothing less than your absolute satisfaction. That’s why we’re a hit among our loyal patrons. Keep an eye on our testimonials section for more accolades. After all, there’s no better advocate for our services than a happy customer!

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers say. People like Brian Moore have praised our work as “excellent”. We take pride in these testimonials! Our ratings show how committed we are to giving you the best car wash experience in Lubbock.

Groupon Customer Reviews and Experiences

We’ve got a score of 4.8 from 98 Groupon reviews. Our customers vouch for the top-tier service and exceptional quality of Racer Classic Car Wash, not just here in Lubbock but across all our locations.

Peruse their experiences on Groupon to understand why we are a renowned name in the business. It’s not just about the cleanest cars, but also the incredible value for money we offer. Dive into detailed experiences from customers who’ve redeemed deals with us. Your trust is critical to us and we’re committed to transparency!

Groupon users, too, find us simply “fantastic”. With a 4.8 star rating out of nearly 100 reviews, we’re the go-to wash team in Lubbock for Groupon customers. Many laud our unbeatable value and exceptional customer service. So why wait? Be a part of the Racer Classic family now!

In Pictures and Videos: Experience Racer Car Wash

A Pictorial Walk-through of there Services

Words don’t always do justice to our extensive services. So why not have a glimpse at what we do? Our picture gallery offers a visual tour of our services and the state-of-the-art equipment we use to keep your car shining.

From soap application to rinse and hand towel dry, you’ll see it all. Our gallery shines a light on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Dive in, and you’ll know why we leave our customers coming back for more!

To truly grasp our offerings, check out 34 vivid photos. Marvel at the detailing, inspect our spotless interior cleans, or gaze at the sheen left by our quality waxes. The photos speak volumes about our detail-oriented passion. Come, be a part of our photographic car wash journey!

Dynamic Videos Showcasing our Comprehensive Car Wash Process

Sometimes, seeing is believing. To give you a better understanding of what we do, we’ve captured our entire car wash process in a series of videos.

Follow along as we guide you from the moment you pull in, through the wash tunnel, and finally to the drying station. Watch the magic of our world-class machinery and dedicated staff as they turn your car from dusty to sparkling clean.

These videos are up on our website and YouTube channel. Do check them out!

Watch Racer Classic in action via our exclusive videos! From powerful dual action pre-soaks to our unique foam polish – we showcase it all. With millions of views, our videos don’t lie. It’s time to witness the transformation of dirty to dazzling. Check them out now!

What services do they offer at Racer Classic Car Wash?

Racer Classic Car Wash has grown to be a trusted car care partner since 1988. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from Xpress exterior washes to full-service cleaning and complete detailing. Our offerings include but are not limited to, the Deluxe Wash featuring a soft cloth wash and spot-free rinse, the Rainbow Wax for a color magic deep clean, the Typhoon Ceramic Wash for high-gloss finish and unbeatable paint protection. Your car gets the squeaky clean treatment it deserves with us, every time! You can trust us to preserve your car’s newness and shine.

Want to know what’s on offer at Racer Classic? From exterior washes to full-service detail, we’ve got it covered. Our services include air freshening, express detailing and even membership plans with special benefits. We make sure your car looks its absolute best. Join us for a rewarding car care journey.

Unravel the Magic of there Services

Explore there Top-notch Car wash Services

At Racer Classic Car Wash, we offer excellence. Get acquainted with our Rainbow Wax, Typhoon Ceramic Wash, and Deluxe Wash packages. Rainbow Wax offers color magic for your car with deep clean, shine, and protection. Opt for Typhoon Ceramic Wash for a high gloss finish and unbeatable paint protection.

If you’re after the standard clean, our Deluxe Wash guarantees spotless results. From soft cloth wash to a spot-free rinse, we’ve got your car covered. Check these services out for a clean that’s truly unparalleled.

At Racer Classic, car cleanliness is paramount. We offer both quick, yet thorough, exterior washes and extensive detailing services. Leave with a car looking and feeling as new as showroom models. Some perks include:

* High-pressure washes that bust tough grime.

* Special waxes that protect paintwork.

* Delightful air fresheners that brighten up interiors.

Choose us, not just for a car wash, but for a total care experience.

Exceptional Value with Membership Plans

Reaping the benefits of our services couldn’t be easier with a Raceway membership. Not only does it offer unlimited washes, but also flexibility to fit your needs. Imagine driving a sleek car every day!

So why not join us? Our members are spoiled with:

  • Ease: Drive in at any time, any day!
  • Savings: The more you wash, the less each wash costs!
  • Exclusivity: Become a part of our prestigious club!

It’s about time you treated your car to the grandeur it deserves. Memberships are available now- catch the wave today!

Our Racer Classic membership plan is an absolute steal! It’s available to all, any time, any day. Members enjoy:

* Unlimited funnel tunnel washes.

* Advantages of quick, VIP lane access.

* Peace of mind you’re always driving a sleek-looking car.

Why hesitate? Join us now! Membership never seemed this attractive before.

They Are Here in Lubbock, Always Ready to Serve You

Convenient Locations within the City

Don’t fret about finding us. We’ve got two prime locations in Lubbock. Whether you’re headed home from Shadow Hills Golf Course, out for dinner at Bahama Bucks, or just in town, we’re only minutes away.

Drop by our Frankford Avenue store, nestled cozily between 3rd and 4th Street. Alternatively, you can find us on Main Street or Old Milton. Spot our sign, pull IN, and we’ll take it from there! We’ve got parking right up front, so come on by and get your car the treatment it deserves today.

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