How Much Does a Firestone Oil Change Cost? The [Complete] Firestone Oil Change Prices

What is the Firestone brand?

The Firestone brand is an auto company established in 1900 by Samuel Firestone to provide tires and other products for buggies, wagons, and other forms of transportation at the time. Over the years, Firestone has become well-known for its high-quality tires and its various services, such as oil changes, brake repairs, and alignment services.

Firestone is one of the leading providers of oil change services and is known for its competitive pricing and wide range of services. Firestone offers a variety of services, from tire rotation, tire balancing, wheel alignment, and brake services to shock and strut replacement. Additionally, Firestone offers vehicle inspection, maintenance, and engine diagnostic services. Compared to other oil change providers, Firestone stands out for its wide network of locations across the United States and its qualified technicians who provide quality services.

How much does a Firestone Oil Change cost?

Are you looking for an oil change but don’t know how much it will cost? Firestone is a great option for a quality oil change service at an affordable price. The average cost of an oil change at Firestone is $19.99, but the price may vary depending on the type of oil change and the oil filter used. Firestone has a basic oil change at $19.99, a synthetic blend oil change at $49.99, and a full synthetic oil change at $69.99. When compared to its competitors, Firestone is one of the most affordable places to get an oil change. Firestone also uses some of the best brands of oil including Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Shell Rotella. You can easily schedule an appointment with Firestone online or over the phone and they are open seven days a week for service.

Firestone Oil Change prices Table:

Basic Oil Change$19.99
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$49.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change$69.99
Basic Oil Filter$24.99
Synthetic Blend Oil Filter$34.99
Full Synthetic Oil Filter$39.99
Tire Rotation$19.99
Tire Balancing$39.99
Wheel Alignment$69.99
Brake Servicesstarting at $99.99
Shock and Strut Replacementstarting at $169.99
Battery Replacementstarting at $129.99
Air Conditioning and Heatingstarting at $69.99
Engine Diagnostics and Repairstarting at $69.99

Note: The prices for Brake Services, Shock and Strut Replacement, Battery Replacement, Air Conditioning and Heating Services, and Engine Diagnostics and Repair services start at $99.99, $169.99, $129.99, $69.99, and $69.99 respectively. The actual cost may vary depending on the type of service required.

firestone synthetic oil change price

Firestone provides the best oil change service anywhere, including a complete synthetic oil change. The synthetic oil change starts at $49.99 and includes changing your motor’s oil using synthetic oil, synthetic blend, or high-mileage motor oil. They will also replace all oil filters and check any other filters such as the cabin filter, air filter, or cabin filter. The average cost of an oil change at Firestone is $49.99.

What are the different types of oil changes offered by Firestone?

1. Basic Oil Change

A basic oil change offered by Firestone is an oil change service that includes up to 5 quarts of oil, a chassis lube, and typically a fluid and tire-pressure check. It is important to note that cars with larger engines may require more oil, which may cost extra. Additionally, some vehicles may require synthetic oil or a synthetic blend, which may cost more than conventional oil. It is also important to change the oil filter at the same time. To ensure that the oil change is done properly, it is best to call ahead and get a full estimate for your specific vehicle.

2. High Mileage Oil Change

A High Mileage Oil Change is specifically designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer. It is formulated with seal conditioners that will swell the existing crankshaft seals, preventing hardening and leaks. Additionally, these oils are designed to prevent the damage caused by sludge buildup. High mileage oils are higher in viscosity than conventional oils and can be more expensive than full synthetic oils.

The features and benefits of a High Mileage Oil Change include:

  1. Enhanced engine protection against wear and tear
  2. Improved fuel economy
  3. Reduced engine deposits, sludge, and buildup
  4. Enhanced engine performance
  5. Improved engine longevity
  6. Improved engine oil viscosity
  7. Reduced oil consumption and emissions
  8. Improved engine protection during cold starts
  9. Reduced engine noise
  10. Peace of mind knowing your engine is well lubricated and protected

3. Synthetic Oil Change

A synthetic oil change is an oil change service that involves changing your engine oil using a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is an artificially created oil produced from chemical compounds, as opposed to oil produced from natural resources. Synthetic oil is designed to provide better lubrication, superior protection, and improved performance compared to oil made from natural resources. Synthetic oil also provides superior engine protection against wear and tear, as well as increased fuel economy. Compared to an oil change with oil, a synthetic oil change is more costly but offers superior lubrication and protection properties. Additionally, synthetic oil changes typically require less frequent oil changes compared to conventional oil.

4. Diesel Oil Change

A diesel oil change is an important part of car maintenance that involves changing the oil of a diesel engine. This type of oil change is typically more expensive than those for gasoline engines due to the higher cost of diesel fuel and oil. Firestone offers a variety of services for their diesel oil change, including inspections and top-offs, as well as the use of conventional and synthetic oils. Other features Firestone provides include a fast and convenient drive-through oil change outlet, bringing your own oil to save money, and avoiding upsells. For older vehicles, they also offer the option to switch to synthetic oil which helps to reduce stress on the engine.

5. Flush Service

A flush service oil change is a more comprehensive type of oil change offered by Firestone. This type of oil change involves a thorough flushing of the engine to remove any built up dirt and debris. This process helps to make sure that any sludges and debris accumulated in the engine are flushed out, thus improving the efficiency and performance of the engine. The flush also helps to clean up any deposits that have accumulated in the engine over time.

Compared to the other types of oil changes offered by Firestone, a flush service oil change offers more in-depth cleaning of the engine. While the other service offerings such as standard oil changes and oil filter replacements are important to keep the engine running smoothly, the flush service oil change offers an additional level of protection and cleaning. The flush service helps to remove any built up debris that could potentially cause problems for the engine later on. It also helps to reduce the potential for wear and tear on the engine components, thus improving the life of the vehicle.

Overall, a flush service oil change from Firestone is recommended for those who want an extra layer of protection and cleaning for their vehicles. It is also a good option for those who do a lot of driving and need to ensure that their engines are running as efficiently as possible.

6. Engine Diagnostics

An engine diagnostics oil change is a service that helps you keep your engine functioning correctly. It involves the inspection and replacement of motor oil, oil filter, and other components in your car’s engine. By having an engine diagnostics oil change regularly, you can help ensure that your engine runs efficiently and lasts longer.

The features offered by Firestone Complete Auto Care’s engine diagnostics oil change service include:

  • Inspection of oil and its engine, and the recommendation of the best type of motor oil to be used (such as Pennzoil motor oil or Quaker State motor oil).
  • Flushing out of old oil and replacing it with fresh oil (such as fully synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage motor oil, or standard oil).
  • Replacement of the old oil filter with a new one.
  • A comprehensive 19-point inspection of your car, which includes checking the car battery life, vehicle lights, wiper blades, etc.
  • Checking the levels of all the important car fluids, including the window washer fluid, and topping up the liquids if needed.
  • A free 19-point inspection to keep your engine running fresher and longer.
  • Using other motor oils, such as synthetic blend oil (upon request).

7. Steering Service

The steering service oil change is a maintenance service that is meant to keep your vehicle’s steering system functioning properly. This service is important in keeping your vehicle’s steering system working smoothly and efficiently. It involves changing the fluid in the steering system, which should be done every 3,000-5,000 miles, depending on the type of vehicle you have. This service covers a variety of vehicles such as cars, vans, SUVS, trucks, and RVs. To get your steering oil changed, you will need to get a full-service oil change at Firestone. During the service, the technician will drain the old fluid from your steering system and replace it with new fluid. This will help keep your vehicle’s steering system in good condition. Additionally, Firestone also offers a variety of other services such as tire rotation, tire balancing, wheel alignment, brake services, shock and strut replacement, battery replacement, air conditioning and heating services, and engine diagnostics and repair. Firestone Complete Auto Care also offers motor oil and chassis lubrication services.

8. Tire Rotation

A tire rotation is a service that is performed on a vehicle’s wheels to ensure that their tread wears evenly. It involves removing the tires from the wheel and re-positioning them on the wheel in a different order. This helps prevent uneven tire wear and extends the tire’s life. Firestone offers two types of tire rotations: Standard Rotation and High Mileage Rotation. The Standard Rotation involves switching the tires from front to back and side to side. This rotation should be done every 6,000 to 8,000 miles as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The High Mileage Rotation involves rotating all four tires to the back and the front tires to the sides. This rotation should be done every 12,000 to 15,000 miles as recommended by the manufacturer. Firestone also offers other services such as brake services, shock and strut replacement, battery replacement, air conditioning and heating services, and engine diagnostics and repairs.

9. Battery Replacement

A battery replacement is the process of removing an old battery from a car, truck, or other vehicle and replacing it with a new one. Firestone offers a wide range of battery replacement services to meet the specific requirements of its customers. These services include installing a new battery, testing the existing battery, and performing a full system diagnostic on the vehicle. Additionally, Firestone provides services such as tire rotation, tire balancing, wheel alignment, brake services, shock and strut replacement, air conditioning and heating services, and engine diagnostics and repair. All of these services typically come at an additional cost and prices may vary from store to store.

10. Oil Filter Replacement

An oil filter replacement is an important part of a Firestone oil change. The oil filter’s purpose is to filter out debris and other particles from entering the engine components, ensuring that the oil is clean and able to lubricate the engine components properly. A clogged or dirty oil filter will reduce oil flow, leading to a decrease in engine performance and an increase in wear and tear on engine components. A car oil filter typically costs between $0.60 and $2 to replace. During an oil change, it is important to replace the oil filter and refill the engine with the correct oil type and quantity, as listed in the owner’s manual.

firestone hours

Firestone offers oil changes seven days a week, with hours varying depending on the location. To find out the exact hours for your local Firestone, you can visit their website or use their store locator. An oil change at Firestone typically takes about thirty minutes which includes all the extra services of checking your vehicle’s battery, lights, other fluids, etc.

firestone synthetic oil change coupon

The Firestone synthetic oil change coupon price is incredibly affordable, coming in at just $37.99. This price is a great deal compared to the full synthetic oil change option, which will cost you $65.00. Both of these options come with a full-service oil change and other benefits like a 19-point inspection and top-off of other important fluids. Additionally, if you’re an active-duty or retired military member, you can receive a 10% discount off your Firestone oil change. So, don’t miss out on these great offers and make sure to take advantage of the Firestone synthetic oil change coupon the next time you need an oil change.

firestone oil change coupon

Finding the right place to get your car serviced can be a challenge, especially when considering cost and quality. A Firestone oil change is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable service.

The standard oil change at Firestone costs $24.99 and comes with a full-service oil change, which includes replacing and recycling the cars oil and oil filter, as well as performing a courtesy inspection of other areas. Firestone also offers synthetic blend oil changes for $21.99 and full synthetic oil changes for $49.99. For those with higher mileage vehicles, there is an option for a high mileage oil change for $34.99.

Firestone also offers regular discounts and printable coupons, so it’s worth checking their website for any special deals before you book an appointment. Additionally, active-duty military members, retired military, and veterans can receive a 10% discount on their oil change by asking for the service member discount.

Overall, a Firestone oil change is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, fast, and affordable service.


How much does a Firestone oil change cost?

If you’re looking to get your car serviced with an oil change, Firestone is one of the most affordable options on the market. With oil changes costing between $19.99 to $69.99, Firestone offers the best prices for either conventional or synthetic oil. Firestone also accommodates diesel engine oil changes and high mileage requirements. Furthermore, they only use the best brands of oil including Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Shell Rotella.

Compared to its competition, Firestone is much cheaper. Walmart offers oil change services between $20 – $90. Midas charges between $30 – $90, while Take 5’s full synthetic oil change services cost around $90. Thus, Firestone is the most affordable option and still provides high-quality services.

All in all, Firestone’s oil change cost is very competitive and is a great option for those who are looking for a cost-effective oil change service.

What types of oil does Firestone offer?

Firestone offers a selection of oils to meet your needs, including:

Basic Oil: This is the most common type of oil used in vehicles. It is designed to protect your engine from wear and tear.

Synthetic Blend Oil: This is a blend of synthetic and conventional oils. It is designed to provide better protection for your engine than basic oil.

Full Synthetic Oil: This is a 100% synthetic oil. It is designed to provide the best protection for your engine and is the most expensive type of oil.

Does Firestone offer oil change coupons?

Yes, Firestone does offer oil change coupons. Customers can access these coupons online and print them off for use at any of the 1,700+ Firestone locations. Additionally, Firestone also offers discounts for active-duty military members, veterans, and retirees. By asking for the service member discount, these customers can receive a 10% discount off their oil change. Finally, Firestone regularly runs special deals and sales around holidays which may include a gift card if you purchase a certain type of oil brand.

What is the difference between synthetic and synthetic blend oil?

The main difference between synthetic and synthetic blend oil is that the former is made from a base oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil, while the latter is a mixture of synthetic and conventional oils. Synthetic oil is designed to provide maximum protection and efficiency for the engine, and is more expensive than conventional oil. On the other hand, synthetic blend oil, also called a part-synthetic oil, is designed to give some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a lower cost. It is resistant to thermal breakdown and corrosion, and helps prevent oil sludge buildup. However, it is lower in quality due to the mix of conventional and synthetic oil, and it is important to check the specific mix to make sure that it is suitable for your vehicle.

Does Firestone offer a mileage-specific oil change?

Yes, Firestone offers a mileage-specific oil change. The company provides a three-month warranty or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, for every oil change they perform. Firestone also offers oil changes along with a multi-point inspection and a variety of oils from basic to high-mileage. Firestone’s oil change prices are competitive and the company also offers regular discounts and printable coupons. Firestone auto service centers have well-trained staff and modern-day equipment, so customers can trust them to provide a smooth oil change service without any costly upsells.

How often should I get an oil change at Firestone?

Getting an oil change at Firestone is essential for the health and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. It is recommended that the oil should be changed every three months or at 3000 miles – whichever comes first. Firestone offers a 3 month or 3,000 miles warranty for their oil change services, so it’s best to stick to this schedule as much as you can. To further maximize convenience and minimize wait time, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are your best option. Firestone Complete Auto Care shops typically take about thirty minutes for an oil change, depending on whether you made an appointment ahead of time or not. If you have any further questions regarding oil changes at Firestone, feel free to reach out to their highly knowledgeable and friendly staff for more information and assistance.

Does Firestone offer other auto repair services?

Yes, Firestone offers other auto repair services in addition to selling and installing tires. These services include brake services, transmission repair and maintenance, suspension and alignment, tire rotation and balancing, battery replacement, engine diagnostics and repair, air conditioning and heating services, and oil changes. Firestone has over 1,600 outlets across the United States, so you can find a location near you and get the services you need. Firestone also offers competitive pricing and a warranty for their services.

What is the difference between a lube and an oil change?

An oil change and a lube are two different types of services for your vehicle. An oil change is an essential part of routine maintenance, as it ensures that the engine is properly lubricated and that dirt and debris are removed. This helps maintain the fuel economy, engine performance and a longer life of the car. On the other hand, a lube service is a more basic service that helps maintain the life of the car by lubricating and cleaning the moving parts of the vehicle. It can also help prevent friction and overheating.

An oil change involves draining the used oil and replacing it with new oil, which could be synthetic, a synthetic blend, high mileage or conventional motor oil. It also requires changing the filter and inspecting the car for additional problems. The cost of an oil change can vary depending on the type of motor oil used, whether it’s a DIY or a paid service, and the auto repair center. A lube service only requires lubricating the moving parts and does not involve changing the oil or the filter. It is a much faster and cheaper service than an oil change and does not require the same level of expertise.

What type of oil filter does Firestone use?

Firestone uses a variety of oil filters depending on the type of oil change being done. For conventional oil changes, Firestone typically uses Quaker State motor oil. This brand is trusted by many top auto care facilities and has over eighty years of experience in the motor oil business. For synthetic oil changes, Firestone uses Pennzoil and Shell Rotella, both of which have several options when it comes to full synthetic or synthetic blends. Pennzoil also carries a high mileage oil and Shell Rotella has a diesel engine oil specially designed for these types of vehicles.

Does Firestone offer a warranty on oil changes?

Yes, Firestone provides a 3,000 mile or three-month warranty for every oil change they perform, whichever comes first. This warranty ensures that the oil change was performed correctly and that any issues found during the inspection are addressed. The Firestone technicians thoroughly inspect your car during an oil change, so the warranty provides peace of mind that your car will be running smoothly.

What oil does Firestone use for oil change?

Firestone offers a range of oil change services using top quality products to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. They use Quaker State motor oil for conventional oil changes, Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus Technology for synthetic oil changes, and Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil for diesel engines.

Each of these oils offer different levels of performance, protection, and price. Quaker State oil is more affordable and provides general protection for everyday vehicles, while Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus Technology offers more comprehensive protection and performance at a higher price. Finally, Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil is designed for superior protection and performance for diesel engines, though it is also the most expensive option.

No matter which oil you choose, Firestone guarantees quality service and materials to keep your engine running fresher and longer. Additionally, they include a free 19-point inspection with every oil change service to ensure your car is in top condition.

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