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Chevron Car Wash Prices

Looking for a great car wash in Encinitas? Look no further than Chevron! Their prices are unbeatable and our quality is top-notch.

Check out Chevron Car Wash Prices listed below and see for yourself!

About Chevron Car Wash

Chevron Encinitas is a family-owned and operated car wash and automobile service provider based in California. They offer a variety of services including gas refilling, car wash, detailing, and a deli and convenience store. Their car wash prices range from $8.99 up to $20, and they have five different car wash packages available for customers. Those are Diamond Wash, Platinum Wash, Gold Wash, Regular Wash, and Express Wash packages. They also offer drive-through, quick and affordable automatic car washes, and manual car washes with friendly staff. Additionally, they have an A la Carte Menu for more flexible choices. They are open from 8 AM to 3 PM on Mondays to Saturdays and provide auto detailing services by appointment.

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Chevron Car Wash Prices list

If you are looking for a Chevron car wash near you, this is the right place. Here we have compiled a list of all the Chevron car washes in Encinitas, California and their corresponding prices.

Chevron Encinitas has some of the most competitive car wash prices in California. For a basic Express Wash, you can expect to pay $8.99, while Regular Wash is priced at $12.99. If you need something more intensive, then you can choose from Gold Wash ($16.99), Platinum Wash ($21.99), or Diamond Wash ($27.99). In addition, Chevron offers an A la Carte menu that includes items like Air Freshener ($0.99), Tri-Color Foam ($3.99), Wheel Brite ($3.99), and Exterior Dressing ($4.99). For Express Detailing packages, the base price starts at $44.99, and can go up to $239.99 for the Complete Detail. All packages include the Super Works Car and Detailing Wash, which is a combination of cleaning and protection. With Chevron Encinitas, you can get both interior and exterior car wash services without spending more than $20.

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Chevron Car Wash Prices Table

Chevron Car Wash Price Menu

Wash TypePrice
Express Wash$8.99
Regular Wash$12.99
Gold Wash$16.99
Platinum Wash$21.99
Diamond Wash$27.99

Chevron Car Wash A La Carte

Air Freshener$0.99
Tri-Color Foam$3.99
Wheel Brite$3.99
Interior Dressing$7.99
Exterior Dressing$4.99
Tire Dressing$3.99
Shampoo Mats (2/4)$7.00 / $10.00
Prep WashStarting at $8.99
Custom HandwashStarting at $29.99
Fabric Protection / Scotchguard$49.99
Hand Dry$3.99

Chevron Express Detail Packages

Detail PackagePrice
Wax Express$44.99
Seat Express$44.99
Carpet Express$44.99

Chevron Express Detail A La Carte (Exterior)

Detail ServicePrice
Carnauba Hand Wax$15.00
Teflon Paint Sealant$59.00
Clay (Overspray & Oxidation Removal)$69.00
High-Speed Buffer (Scratch Removal)$69.00
Dark Vehicle Buffing$10.00
Large VehiclesExtra
Tops + Canopies + CoversExtra
Headlight Restoration (Price per Light)$45.00 / Light

Chevron Express Detail A La Carte Price (Interior)

Detail ServicePrice
ScotchGuard or Teflon Repellant$39.00
Leather Cleaning$29.00
Dash + Console + Doors Cleaned$19.00
Dash + Console + Doors Blue Coral Dressing$9.00
Detail ServicePrice
Mini Detail$79.99
Interior Detail$99.99
Exterior Detail$159.99
Complete Detail$239.99

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Are you looking for Chevron car wash locations in California?

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Chevron Car Wash Hours

What are the hours for a Chevron Car Wash?

Chevron gas station car wash is a one-stop automobile convenience facility, offering car wash, detailing, and snack and deli services. Hours of operation are available from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Sunday at their express locations and gas stations. Deli services are available from 8 AM to 3 PM from Monday to Saturday. For bookings during the holidays and state occasions, contact customer service at (760) 942-6802.

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Chevron Car Wash Coupons

Chevron car wash coupons are a great way to save money when opting for services at Chevron Encinitas. Coupons allow customers to avail discounts and special offers, including headlight restoration for only $59.99 (regular price: $120), Wax Express for only $39.99 (regular price: $44.99), Hand Wax for $10 off, and $3 off on any Gold Wash, Platinum Wash, or Diamond Wash. With these coupons, customers can get the same quality services for a more affordable price.

Compared to other car wash services around California, Chevron Encinitas can give you both interior and exterior wash without spending more than $20. Moreover, it offers five car wash packages such as Diamond Wash, Platinum Wash, Gold Wash, Regular Wash, and Express Wash along with its A la Carte Menu. Additionally, customers can opt for its 24/7 touchless car wash/express for quick and affordable services.

Chevron Car Wash customer service

Chevron Encinitas compares favorably to other car wash companies because of the range of services and convenience it offers. For starters, the company offers five car wash packages ranging from inexpensive Express Wash to Diamond Wash. Furthermore, their services don’t only include car wash and detailing, but they also have a convenient deli that serves snacks and Vienna hotdogs.

In terms of customer service, Chevron Encinitas is highly responsive. They have a hotline and email that customers can use to book appointments or ask inquiries, and their staff is friendly and willing to help. On top of that, customers can choose to opt for their 24/7 touchless car wash for a quick and affordable service.

Overall, Chevron Encinitas stands out from other car wash companies because of its convenience, affordability, and customer service. With their wide range of services, customers can be assured of getting their car cleaned and detailed without spending too much.

chevron car wash review

I recently visited Chevron Encinitas for a car wash and I must say I was truly impressed! They offer a wide range of options from their 24/7 touchless car wash/express to Diamond Wash, Platinum Wash, Gold Wash, Regular Wash, and Express Wash packages. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the drive-through was quick and painless.


How can I contact chevron?

To contact Chevron, you can either call their customer service hotline at (760) 942-6802 or send an email at [email protected]. If you’re planning to opt for their car wash services, their hours of operation are from Monday to Sunday, 8 AM to 6 PM. Express locations and gas stations are open for 24 hours while deli hours are from 8 AM to 3 PM from Mondays to Saturdays. For bookings during the holidays and state occasions, contact customer service at (760) 942-6802.


If you’re looking for a car wash in Encinitas that offers competitive prices and top-quality services, the Chevron station is perfect for you! This store offers a variety of options and packages to fit your needs, and the staff is always willing to help. You can also find car care products, parking availability, and more on this page. So if you’re in need of a quick fix or want to take your car cleaning experience up a notch, head on over to the Chevron station!

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