What are the Valvoline Oil Change Prices

Valvoline is one of the most popular oil change companies in the United States. In addition to their high-quality products, they are also known for their affordable prices.

To save even more money on your next oil change, be sure to take advantage of Valvoline coupons and discounts.

In this article, we will take a look at Valvoline oil change prices and compare them to other popular brands. We will also discuss some tips on how you can save money on your next oil change.

How much does an oil change at Valvoline cost?

Do you need to get an oil change, but you’re not sure how much it will cost? You’re not alone, and finding the right price is an important part of keeping your car running perfectly. If you need to know how much an oil change at Valvoline costs, the answer is an average of $40-$80 depending on the type of oil you choose and how much your car requires.

The standard price for an oil change at Valvoline includes 5 quarts of oil, a new filter, lubrication of the chassis, and various service checks. Premium conventional oil changes cost $39.99, NextGen conventional oil changes cost $44.99, Maxlife synthetic blend oil changes cost $59.99, and NextGen Maxlife full synthetic oil changes cost $89.99. The price of a Synpower synthetic oil change is also $89.99.

For an additional quart of oil, you can expect to pay between $4.99 and $8.99, depending on the type of oil you choose. To find out the exact price of an oil change at a particular Valvoline location, it’s best to get in touch with them and ask.

The whole process usually takes around 15 minutes, and you don’t even need to get out of your car. Compared to other major oil change providers, Valvoline offers a very competitive price and excellent service.

If you’re looking for an affordable, quick oil change, then Valvoline is an excellent choice. You can choose from a range of options and get a great price for a quality service.

Oil TypeNameNotesPrice for 5 Quarts Oil Change
Everyday ProtectionValvoline ConventionalGood for everyday driving$39.99
Advanced ProtectionMaxLife Synthetic BlendAdvanced protection that fights leaks, deposits, sludge, and friction$59.99
NextGen MaxLifeSynthetic BlendSame benefits as Maxlife Synthetic Blend plus eco-friendly, made with 50% recycled oil$59.99
Ultimate ProtectionFull Synthetic MaxLifeHighest level of protection$79.99
Diesel Motor OilPremium BlueAdvanced protection$59.99
Premium Blue ExtremeHighest level of protection$79.99
Valvoline Oil Change Prices Table

Type of Motor OilPrice
Premium Conventional$39.99
Extra Quart Charge$4.99
NextGen Conventional$44.99
Extra Quart Charge$4.99
Maxlife Synthetic Blend$59.99
Extra Oil Charge$5.99
NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic$89.99
Extra Quart Charge$8.99
Synpower Synthetic$89.99
Extra Quart Charge$8.99

What factors influence the price of an oil change at Valvoline?

1. Type of Oil Change

Valvoline offers four different types of oil changes: conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage.

Conventional oil is a mineral oil that is derived from crude oil. It works well in most cars and is the least expensive option.

Synthetic oil is made from chemically modified petroleum components. It works well in extreme temperatures and offers enhanced performance.

Synthetic blend oil is a combination of conventional and synthetic oil. It is a good middle ground between conventional and synthetic oil.

High-mileage oil is specially formulated for cars that have driven more than 75,000 miles. It helps improve performance and reduce oil consumption.

All Valvoline oil changes come with a complimentary 18-point safety check, tire rotation, and multi-point vehicle inspection. Plus, you can pay with Samsung Pay or Apple Pay for a touchless payment experience.

2. Quantity of Oil Changed

The quantity of oil changed affects the price of an oil change at Valvoline. If up to 5 quarts of oil are included, there is no additional fee. However, if more than 5 quarts of oil are needed, an extra fee would be charged. Additionally, for some vehicles, a premium filter charge may apply. Synthetic oil also comes with an additional cost and needs to be changed more often, so the price of a synthetic oil change could be more expensive. Lastly, sales tax is not included and will be collected at the time of service.

3. Brand of Oil

The brand of oil used for an oil change at Valvoline can affect the price of the service. Standard or Conventional Oil is the most affordable of all the motor oils and is usually the oil of choice for a basic oil change. High Mileage Oil, Full Synthetic Oil, and Synthetic Blend Oil are more expensive options and are designed to provide more engine protection, but at a higher price. For modern cars with turbocharged engines, Full Synthetic Oil is the ideal choice as it provides maximum protection and extended service life. A conventional oil change will typically cost around $23 while a full synthetic oil change will cost roughly $70. Ultimately, the type of oil used affects the pricing of an oil change at Valvoline.

4. Quality of Service

The price of an oil change at Valvoline can be affected by several quality factors. First, customers should consider the type of oil they are using in the oil change process. Valvoline offers a wide variety of oils ranging from conventional to synthetic and high-mileage oil blends. Each of these options has a different price point, and customers should decide which oil will best serve their needs.

Second, customers should also consider the customer service they are likely to receive from Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ centers. Valvoline boasts a 4.6-star customer rating based on a survey of over 250,000 customers annually. This customer service rating is highly rated and may influence the price of an oil change. Additionally, Groupon ratings provide further evidence of Valvoline’s excellent customer service, with an average of 33,204 ratings and 86% of customers being satisfied with their experience.

Finally, customers should also review the range of services available to them during their oil change. Valvoline provides a number of services to help customers get back on the road quickly and include extra services such as top-of-the-line wiper blades, massage chairs and more. These additional services may increase the overall cost of the oil change, but can provide customers with added convenience and value.

By comparing and contrasting these quality factors, customers can make an informed decision about the price of their oil change at Valvoline. Customers should choose the oil that best serves their needs, consider the customer ratings and reviews, and weigh the value of added services offered to them.

5. Location of Service

The location of service can have an effect on the price of an oil change at Valvoline. Valvoline Instant Oil Change offers over 1,500 locations nationwide, each with its own pricing structure. For example, services such as tire rotation and wiper blade replacement may cost more in areas with higher labor costs such as cities. On the other hand, services such as battery replacement may cost less in rural areas due to lower overhead and labor costs. Additionally, Valvoline offers quality replacement parts, such as Interstate batteries, which may also affect the overall price of an oil change. Ultimately, customers should compare local prices and services when considering an oil change at Valvoline.

6. Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle you drive can have a significant impact on the price of an oil change at Valvoline. Generally, larger vehicles with more complex engines require more oil, labor and time to complete a full oil change service. This means that cars with larger engines such as a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Cadillac will cost more for an oil change than smaller cars such as a Honda or Toyota. The type of oil used may also affect the cost of the oil change, as certain types of oil may be more expensive than others. For example, synthetic oil is typically more expensive than conventional oil, but it can provide superior protection against wear and tear. Additionally, the type of service chosen can affect the cost as well, with full-service oil changes costing more than express oil changes. Ultimately, the cost of an oil change at Valvoline will depend on the type of vehicle, oil type, and service selected.

7. Wiper Blades Replacement

Replacing wiper blades at Valvoline can be an affordable and convenient service. Compared to Walmart, where the cost of replacing wiper blades is $10 ea., Valvoline offers free wiper blade replacements with the purchase of oil and filter change, tire rotation, and battery check services. Other services, such as replacing engine air filters, cabin air filters, and headlights, require additional parts at varying prices. For example, cabin air filter replacement at Valvoline costs $21 plus parts, whereas Walmart charges $50 for the same service. Overall, Valvoline is a cost-effective option for replacing wiper blades and other services.

8. Air Filter Replacement

At Valvoline, it typically costs around $25 for a full-service oil change, including the cost of replacing the engine air filter. Walmart offers cheaper Pit Crew services for the same price nationwide, or a more comparable Lube Services package for around $10 plus parts. Other quotes sourced from auto service centers in western Ohio range from $20 to $55 for engine air filter replacements, depending on the type of vehicle and whether parts and labor are included.

9. Transmission Fluid Replacement

Transmission fluid replacement is one of the factors that influences the price of an oil change at Valvoline because it is a necessary component of preventive maintenance checks. During a transmission fluid change, a mechanic will install a pan below the vehicle’s transmission and remove the drain plug to drain the fluid. This process is more difficult and time consuming than an oil change, which involves draining the oil from the engine. As a result, transmission fluid replacement services are more costly than oil change services.

At Valvoline, customers can expect to pay for a standard oil change plus additional services associated with preventive maintenance. In addition to changing the oil and oil filter, Valvoline technicians will check the fluid levels of the transmission, differential, transfer case, windshield washer, power steering, and anti-freeze/coolant. They will also inspect the air filter, battery, tire pressure, serpentine belt, wiper blades, and vehicle lights. All of these services are necessary to keep a vehicle running at maximum efficiency and contribute to an increased cost of the oil change at Valvoline.

10. Oil Filter Replacement

Replacing the oil filter at Valvoline may vary in cost depending on the type and amount of oil used, as well as the type and size of the filter. Generally, Valvoline offers oil change services that include up to 5 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and a maintenance check for around $40.00. The cost may slightly increase if you opt for synthetic oil or if your vehicle requires a different type of oil and filter. Additionally, some services may require additional fees. It is best to consult your technician or a specialist for an accurate estimate.

Tips and tricks for getting the best deal on your next oil change

1. Research local oil change providers and compare prices

Step 1: Start by doing online research and checking reviews on third-party websites, such as CarServiceCosts.com, to compare prices and reviews of local oil change providers.

Step 2: Seek recommendations from friends and family and ask them about their experiences.

Step 3: Make a list of the top three local oil change providers and visit them all in person. Ask questions about their experience, the quality of oil they use, and the services they offer.

Step 4: Compare prices and services to find the best option for your needs. Consider the cost, convenience, and quality of service when making your decision.

Step 5: Make sure to ask about any special deals or discounts the oil change provider may offer.

Step 6: Once you have chosen an oil change provider, make sure to inform them of the make and model of your car, as well as any other relevant information to ensure that you receive the best service.

2. Ask for discounts or coupons

How can you get a discount or coupon for your next oil change? [Step-by-step instructions]

  1. Look for special offers from dealerships. Many dealerships will offer free or reduced-price oil changes to customers that are in the shop for other reasons and often give out oil changes as part of new vehicle promotions.
  2. Look for special discounts or coupons around major holidays. Independent shops will also offer specials and discount periods around major holidays to get people out for an oil change.
  3. Check out Car Talk’s Top Parts and Services Coupons. We’ve even got a section of this website devoted to coupons at these places.
  4. Look for coupons and discounts from Groupon. Groupon often has discounts and coupons for oil changes. Check the Groupon website for the latest offers.
  5. Ask for a discount. Many dealerships and shops are willing to negotiate prices for oil changes. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or coupon.

3. Compare Brand Names with Generic Oils

When it comes to choosing the best oil for your vehicle, it’s important to compare and contrast brand names and generic oils. Both synthetic and conventional oil offer their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Synthetic oil typically offers better performance and protection, but it is more expensive. On the other hand, regular or conventional oil is more affordable but does not provide the same level of protection. To get the best deal on your next oil change, you should compare the cost and performance of different brands and types of oil. For example, Valvoline is usually more expensive than Pennzoil, but they both offer excellent quality motor oil. You should also consider the recommended oil change interval for your vehicle, as synthetic oil usually needs to be changed less frequently than conventional oil. Ultimately, the best choice depends on which type of oil is the best fit for your car, budget, and needs.

4. Consider changing to synthetic oil

When it comes to protecting your engine, there are many benefits to switching to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil can last longer than traditional motor oil and does a better job of protecting your engine from wear and tear. Full synthetic oil also provides better performance than traditional motor oil, which can mean fewer engine problems and improved fuel efficiency.

However, when considering switching to synthetic oil, it’s important to follow your automaker’s recommendations to ensure that you’re doing what’s best for your car. Additionally, switching to synthetic oil may require adjusting your oil change interval, and full synthetic oil is typically more expensive than conventional oil, so be prepared to budget accordingly.

Overall, if you want to take the best care of your car, you should consider changing to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil offers superior protection and performance when compared to conventional motor oil, and the benefits may outweigh the added cost.

5. Check for Special Deals for Regular Oil Changes

Step 1: Search for coupons or discounts from dealerships and independent shops. Look for deals around major holidays or when buying a new car. You can also find coupons from websites like Car Talk’s Top Parts and Services Coupons.

Step 2: Bring your own oil to the garage for a cheaper oil change. Ask the mechanic first if this is an option and they will usually be more than happy to oblige.

Step 3: Consider switching to synthetic oil for older vehicles as it will reduce stress on the engine and help reduce the cost in the long run.

Step 4: Avoid any oil change upsells. While they may be tempting, they are often not necessary and can end up costing a lot more.

Step 5: Ask friends or family for their experiences with local oil change shops.

Step 6: Visit the websites of each shop you plan to visit to get an idea of their prices and services.

Step 7: Choose a provider that is professional, customer-oriented, user-friendly, budget-friendly, and trustworthy.

Step 8: Look for special deals or discounted offers to help reduce the cost of the oil change. Chain stores such as Take 5 offer drive-through services without an appointment.

6. Invest in an Extended Service Package

An Extended Service Package is a comprehensive package that provides additional services beyond an oil change. It includes a variety of maintenance and repair services like battery replacement, headlight and taillight replacement, tire rotation, air conditioning, differential service, radiator service, transmission service, air filters, fuel system cleaning, serpentine belt replacement, and wiper blade replacement. This package ensures your car will stay in good condition and remain safe and reliable for the long term.

Investing in an Extended Service Package for your oil change can save you money in the long run. It helps to prevent more costly repairs down the line by ensuring all the necessary maintenance and repairs are taken care of. Additionally, these services can help to improve your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, and safety. Investing in an Extended Service Package can also provide peace of mind by ensuring your car is in good condition.

7. Look into the Benefits of a High Mileage Oil Change

Having a high-mileage oil change can bring several benefits. Firstly, the high viscosity of the oil helps keep the engine clean and lubricated, thus improving its performance and longevity. Secondly, the seal conditioners present in the oil help prevent the hardening of the existing crankshaft seals and also prevent leaks. Thirdly, the oil also helps prevent damage caused by sludge. Fourthly, by getting a high mileage oil change from a car service center, one may also benefit from additional preventive maintenance checks. Lastly, synthetic oils can also be used in high-mileage automobiles, helping to safeguard the engine and extend its useful life if the vehicle is well maintained.

8. Check for Additional Services Offered

When getting your oil changed, there are a few additional services you should look for. These include checking the drain, servicing the cooling system, servicing the brake fluid, servicing the transmission system, servicing the windshield wipers, changing or servicing the various filters (oil, air, and cabin), and servicing the different fluids. Additionally, be sure to check online reviews, visit the shop’s website, and get personal recommendations to ensure you are getting the best service and price.

9. Do Your Research and Find the Best Deal

Step 1: Do your research to find the best deal on your next oil change. Begin by checking online reviews, visiting the websites of the shops you are considering, and asking people for personal recommendations. Make a list of your top three choices and visit them all.

Step 2: When researching, be sure to not rely solely on reviews found on car repair websites, as these are often controlled by the companies themselves. Instead, use review websites on Google that are controlled by third parties, such as CarServiceCosts.com.

Step 3: Ask around for personal recommendations from friends and family.

Step 4: When making your choice, consider the shop’s professionalism, customer service, budget-friendliness, and trustworthiness. Make sure to ask the shop how long they have been in the business, as more experience usually means better results.

Step 5: Be wary of shops that use aggressive upselling or sleazy sales techniques. Look for shops that offer quality oil, extras, and skilled technicians who won’t overtighten your oil filters.

Step 6: Finally, if you’re looking for the easiest and cheapest option, consider a quick lube service.

10. Ask About Free Wiper Blade Replacement

Step-by-Step Instructions for a Free Wiper Blade Replacement with an Oil Change:

  1. Visit your local Tire Kingdom store for a full-service oil change.
  2. Make sure to mention to the service manager that you would like to receive a free wiper blade replacement.
  3. The service manager will ensure that your wiper blades are inspected and replaced if needed.
  4. The service manager will also inspect and replace your air filter, battery, and brakes if necessary.
  5. Your vehicle will also receive a tire rotation and a top-off of wiper fluid.
  6. After the service is complete, you will have a brand-new set of wiper blades for free!


How much does a Valvoline oil change cost?

Are you wondering how much a Valvoline oil change costs? Depending on the type of motor oil chosen and how many quarts are needed, the price of an oil change at Valvoline can range from $39.99 to $89.99. Furthermore, an additional fee of up to $8.99 may be charged for extra quarts.

When compared to other oil change services on the market, Valvoline offers a more competitive price and more extensive service, including 5 quarts of oil, a new filter, lubrication of the chassis, and a series of service checks. All of this usually only takes 15 minutes and can be done without leaving your car, making it a great choice for busy people.

The three oil change services offered by Valvoline are the Premium Conventional at $39.99, NextGen Conventional at $44.99, and Maxlife Synthetic Blend at $59.99. The full synthetic option, Synpower Synthetic, costs $89.99.

If you still want to find out the exact cost of an oil change for your vehicle and location, you can contact Valvoline for more detailed information.

What is the difference between a conventional and synthetic oil change?

The main difference between a conventional and synthetic oil change is the type of oil used. Conventional motor oil is made from petroleum extracted from the earth, whereas synthetic motor oil is composed of chemicals created in a lab. Both types of oil contain additives that enhance your engine’s performance, but synthetic oil has several advantages, such as greater resistance to extreme temperatures, reduced friction, and better engine wear protection. Synthetic oil also tends to last longer than conventional oil, meaning you can go longer between oil changes. While synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, the increased performance and engine longevity can make it worth the higher price. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your budget and desired oil performance features.

Are there any discounts or coupons available for Valvoline oil changes?

Yes, there are discounts and coupons available for Valvoline oil changes. Customers can take advantage of offers like $7 off a Full-Service Full Synthetic or Synthetic Blend Oil Change and $5 off a Full-Service Conventional Oil Change. These offers are valid at participating locations and include up to 5 quarts of Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic or Diesel oil (diesel quarts may vary; see store for details), filter (prem. extra), lube, and maintenance check. Additionally, some locations offer discounts to seniors and military personnel. Customers can also look for discounts and promotions available during major holidays.

Does Valvoline offer high-mileage oil changes?

Yes, Valvoline does offer high-mileage oil changes. Valvoline offers two types of high mileage oil, the MaxLife™ high mileage oil and the Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife™ technology integrated into it. The MaxLife™ high mileage oil is the standard oil recommended for vehicles that have ticked past 75k on the odometer and it is priced at $63. The Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife™ technology is priced at $85.

What is included in a Valvoline oil change service?

A Valvoline oil change service generally includes up to 5 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and lubrication of chassis components according to the specifications of the vehicle. In addition, Valvoline service centers conduct a number of preventive maintenance checks such as a battery check, tire pressure check, vehicle lights check, wiper blades check, air filter check, fluid in automatic transmissions check, antifreeze/coolant check, power steering fluid check, washer fluid check, and serpentine belt check. Valvoline’s Complete Oil Change service additionally includes a tire rotation and multi-point vehicle inspection. All in under an hour.

How often should I get a Valvoline oil change?

Valvoline recommends getting an oil change at least every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. If you use Valvoline Full Synthetic oil in a high-performance vehicle, you may need to change your oil more often, however, with the Valvoline Limited Engine Guarantee, you can change your oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. For more specific oil change frequency recommendations, you should consult your car’s owner’s manual. Generally, newer cars require an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, while older vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Synthetic oil should be changed every 7,500 to 15,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and the synthetic oil brand. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change frequency for your particular make and model.

Are oil filters included in a Valvoline oil change?

Yes, oil filters are included in a Valvoline oil change. Valvoline will replace the old filter with a new one and may apply a premium filter charge for some vehicles. The oil change also includes up to 5 quarts of oil, and some locations may provide more.

Does Valvoline offer a warranty for its oil change services?

Yes, Valvoline offers a warranty for its oil change services. Valvoline provides every customer with an “Engine Guarantee”, which covers any defects in the engine that are found within the warranty period. If such a defect is found within the warranty period, then they will cover the cost of the repairs up to a certain amount. Additionally, Valvoline also has a Best Price Guarantee, which ensures that if you find a better price somewhere else, then they will cover the difference worry-free.

Are there any other services offered by Valvoline in addition to oil changes?

Yes, in addition to offering quick and convenient Valvoline™ oil changes, Valvoline service centers offer a range of other services to ensure your car runs efficiently and safely. These services include drain, service of cooling, service of brake fluid, transmission system service, windshield wiper, filter (oil, air, cabin), and fluid service with differences. Along with the oil change, Valvoline service centers will perform preventive maintenance checks such as checking the fluid levels of the transmission, differential, transfer case, windshield washer, power steering, anti-freeze/coolant, air filter, battery, tire pressure, serpentine belt, wiper blades, and vehicle lights.

Are there any special offers for Valvoline oil changes?

Yes, there are special offers for Valvoline oil changes. Customers can receive $7 off a full-service full synthetic or synthetic blend oil change, or $5 off a full-service conventional oil change. Customers must present a coupon in order to redeem the offers. Additionally, Valvoline Express Care offers discounts to seniors and military personnel. For more information, please visit VIOC.com.

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