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Menards Truck Rental Prices – How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Truck from Menards?


History and Overview of Menards Truck Rental Services

Hey there, buddy! Ever heard of Menards Truck Rental? It’s a service from Menards, the well-known home improvement company. It offers an easy way for shoppers to transport bulky items home, including renting a trailer. Plus, it’s great for those big DIY project hauls!

What to Expect in This Blog Post

Buckle up my friend! I’ll take you on a ride through everything you need to know about Menards Truck Rental. From truck types, the rental process, unique features, pricing to comparisons with competitors and answers to crucial FAQs! Now, aren’t you in for a treat?

menards truck rental hours

Understanding Menards Truck Rental

Types of Trucks Available for Rent

Need a truck? Menards has got your back! They offer three sizes, 14-foot, 16-foot, and a big 22-foot truck. Choose the one that best fits your needs. Moving a bunch of stuff, or large items? No worries! Their 8’ bed provides ample space.Visit the nearest Menards(r) store for availability.To find out more about Menards rental truck, please visit their official website.

How does the rental process work?

Renting a truck from Menards couldn’t be easier. Just visit their site or head to the store. You’ll need your name, contact info, credit card details, and pickup/drop off specifics. Just remember, you’ll need a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and you must be at least 21. Oh, and all rentals need to be returned by end of business day. Simple, right?

Features of Menards Truck Rental

Brief Summary about Menards Truck

Menards’ equipment, specifically their trucks, officially referred to as Menards® Pick-Up & Go Trucks, are the perfect solution for transporting bulky items or handling larger shopping hauls. They’re fitted with an 8-foot bed, guaranteeing enough space for your load. The quality of this equipment stands out, helping Menards’ vehicles earn a reputable name in the rental market!

Specific Features Making it Unique

What sets Menards trucks apart? Glad you asked! They offer a lift gate to make loading and unloading a breeze. Plus, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Top it off with Menards’ friendly customer service and it’s clear why their rental service is so popular!

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The Pricing Breakdown

Latest Menards Truck Rental Prices List 2023

Curious about costs? Here’s the latest price scoop: A 14-foot truck costs $19.95 for the first 75 minutes, then $5 every extra 15 minutes. The 16-foot truck, a bit larger, runs $24.95 first up, then $5 every additional 15 minutes. Finally, the big 22-foot truck starts at $29.95 for 75 minutes, with a $7 fee for every extra 15 minutes. Not too bad, huh?

Truck Rentals

First 75 Minutes$18.95
Every 15 Minutes (After The Initial 75 Minutes)$5.00
Fuel Surcharge (One Time Fee)$4.75
24-Hours (Daily)$89.99
7-Days (Weekly)$649.99
30-Days (Monthly)$2,699.99
Milwaukee Truck Appliance Dolly$8.00
General Construction Tool Rental
Rockwell® 10″ Jobsite Table Saw with Laser$26.00
Paslode® Cordless Framing Nailer and Battery$20.00
Paslode® 16-Gauge Angled Cordless Finish Nailer and Battery$20.00
Bosch® 12″ Compound Miter Saw with Masterforce® Stand$26.00
Masterforce® 1/2″ Hammer Drill$18.00
Masterforce® Clipped Head Framing Nailer$18.00
Hitachi® Twin Stack Compressor with Masterforce® 50′ x 3/8″ Air Hose$16.00
Concrobium Fogger Machine$19.00
Malco® Foamboard Stapler$25.00
Bosch® 14-Amp Reciprocating Saw$8.00
Qualcraft Shingle Shark$22.00
CCI® American Contractor® 10-3 50′ Outdoor Cord$5.00
Masterforce® Coil Roofing Nailer$17.50
Masterforce® 1/2″ and 3/4″ Dual Pex Crimper$8.00
Masterforce® Metal Connector Nailer$30.00
Masterforce® 1″ Pex Crimper$8.00
Masterforce® 18-Gauge Brad Nailer$18.00
Flooring Tools & Sanders Rental
Clarke® American Sanders® Drum Sander$34.00
Orbital Floor Sander$23.00
MK Diamond Floor Scraper$36.00
Bostitch® 18-Gauge Engineered Flooring Stapler in Stack-On® Tool Box$20.00
Roberts® 100-lb. Linoleum Roller$10.00
Carpet Installation Tool Kit$8.00
FlorCraft® 7″ Tile Saw with Stand$35.00
Roberts® Grooved Carpet Seam Iron in Stack-On® Tool Box$8.00
Roberts® Carpet Stretcher$18.00
Bostitch® Industrial Floor Stapler in Stack-On® Tool Box$20.00
Floor Edger$17.00
Duo-Fast® CarpetPro™ Electric Carpet Stapler$12.00
Roberts® Adjustable Knee Kick in Stack-On® Tool Box$8.00
Lawn Equipment Rental
Yardworks® 36″ Lawn Roller$8.00
Yardworks® 40″ Tow-Behind Dethatcher$8.00
Masterforce® Post Hole Digger$6.00
Yardworks® Post Driver$6.00
Scaffolding & Ladder Rental
6′ Stackable Baker-Style Utility Scaffold (1 Day Base Rental)$8.00
UST 60″ x 60″ Steel Scaffold H-Frame (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
Keller® KPro 5128 28′ Type IA Fiberglass D-Rung Extension Ladder$20.00
Keller® KPro 972 12′ Type IA Fiberglass Step Ladder$12.00
UST 7′ Frame-Style Scaffold Diagonal Brace (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
UST 60” Scaffold Guard Rail End Panel (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
UST 4″ x 4″ Steel Scaffold Base Plate (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
UST 7′ x 15″ Steel Scaffold Guard Rail Side Panel (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
UST 18” Scaffold Leveling Jack (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
UST 19″ x 7′ Aluminum Plywood Walk Board (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
UST 8″ Double-Locking Mylar Indoor Scaffold Caster (1 Day Base Rental)$1.00
Drywall Tool Rental
Drywall Lift$12.00
Mud Boss™ Classic Pattern Pistol$12.00
Senco® Corded Auto-Feed Drywall Screw Gun$18.00
Floor Cleaners, Air Movers & Power Washing Rental
Rug Doctor® Wide Shampooer (1 Day Base Rental)$39.99
Rug Doctor 1800 PSI Pressure Washer (1 Day Base Rental)$34.99
Earthwise™ 1850 PSI Electric Pressure Washer$23.00
Xtreme Garage® Multipurpose Utility Air Mover$14.00
Rug Doctor Carpet Blower (1 Day Base Rental)$19.99
Rug Doctor® Standard Shampooer (1 Day Base Rental)$39.99
Steel Scrub Brush$10.00
Poly Scrub Brush$10.00
Floor Polisher with Pad Assembly$20.00
36″ Commercial Drum Fan$20.00
Rug Doctor® Hand Tool Set (1 Day Base Rental)$4.97
Insulation Blower Rental
Krendl™ Insulation Blower$25.00
Concrete Tool Rental
Kushlan Products™ K-PRO 350 Cement Mixer$30.00
Bosch Concrete Saw$40.00
Bosch Brute™ Turbo Electric Jack Hammer$50.00
Bosch SDS-max Demolition Hammer$43.00
Bosch 12″ Saw Blade Segment Rim$25.00
Bosch Electric Demolition Hammer$40.00
Masterforce Bull Float and Extension Handle$11.00
MK Diamond Mason Wet Saw$38.00
Tool Shop 13″ Guillotine Block Splitter$16.00

Factors that Affect Menards Truck Rental Cost

Wondering why prices vary? Distance, time, and season all play a part. Let’s dive in. The longer you rent, the more you pay. If you’re traveling far, costs go up too. And, peak moving season (May to September)? Yeah, prices may rise then as well. Just keep these factors in mind!

Comparison: Menard’s Truck Rates vs Competitors

Quantitative comparison based on price

Looking at the numbers, let’s compare with the two major competitors, including Masterforce.

  • U-Haul: An 8’ pickup starts at $19.95 (flat rate) plus $0.99/mile
  • Home Depot: An 8’ flatbed costs $19 for 75 minutes, then $5 every additional 15 minutes.

Menards holds its own with a set minimum starting price of $18.95 for 75 minutes, plus $5 every extra 15 minutes. Not too shabby!

menards truck rental deposit

Qualitive comparison based on service, features and user reviews

Comparing on this front, Menards shines with frequently praised customer service at checkout! And who doesn’t love their lift gate feature?

But hold up – U-Haul has a wider variety of vehicles and offers one-way trips, unlike Menards. And Home Depot? They draw customers with power lift gates on some vehicles, making it easier to load and unload their carts.

User reviews? Menards and other retailers are consistently praised for ease of use, while U-Haul gets love for their range of sizes and Home Depot for their quality vehicles. Talk about a tight race! Revised Passage: User reviews? Menards and other retailers are consistently praised for their ease of use, while U-Haul gets love for their range of sizes and Home Depot for their quality vehicles. Talk about a tight race!

Can I Trust Menards Truck Rentals?

User Reviews and Feedback

Looking at user reviews, folks seem pretty pleased with Menards Truck Rental. Most users applaud the affordability and easy-to-use base rental service. Some also mention high praise for their customer service. But remember, your experience may vary based on different factors. Always do your homework before you rent!

Quality and Reliability – Are Menards Trucks Any Good?

Are they any good? In short, yes! Menards’ trucks are typically well-maintained and reliable. If you do run into any snags, they’re good at resolving issues swiftly without extra charges. With Menards, you can expect a smooth, problem-free rental experience!

FAQs – Menards Truck Rental

Do I need a special license to drive a Menards truck?

Nope, you don’t need any special license. Just dust off your regular driver’s license and you’re good to go, as long as you’re 21 years old or older. How’s that for convenient?

Can I rent a Menards Truck with a cash deposit?

Ah, the age-old question. The concise answer here is no, Menards Truck Rental does not accept cash deposits. A valid credit or debit card is required for payment. So, keep your cash and grab your plastic card!

Can I rent a Menards Truck for a one-way trip?

Just need a one-way trip? Sure, you can. But, here’s the catch: it’s gonna cost a bit more than a round trip with Menards, especially with the weekend surcharge. Don’t forget to factor this in your budget planning!

What about insurance options?

Insurances? Oh, they’ve got them! Once you’re renting a Menards truck, there are two rental options for insurances: Limited Damage Waiver (LDW) and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), covering truck damage and medical expenses respectively. Choose wisely, my friend.

Do Menards trucks come with a loading ramp?

Guess what? Yes, they do! All Menards trucks come with a loading ramp to help you load and unload your items. You won’t need to strain your back lifting heavy stuff. Isn’t that great?

Will I need to return the truck with a full tank of gas?

Yeah, you bet! Fuel up before you drop it off; if you don’t, you’ll land an extra charge. Filling the tank can be the last thing on your mind after a long haul, but it’s a must if you want to avoid that additional fee. So don’t forget that gas station visit!

Who is the cheapest truck rental company?

Who’s cheapest? Well, it varies by location, time, and vehicle size. But generally, Menards offers competitive prices and can often be cheaper, especially for localized, shorter-term rentals. Just remember: cheap is good, but service and reliability matter too!

What companies rent the most trucks?

Big names like U-Haul, Enterprise and Penske, rent out masses of trucks. But at a local level, Menards is in the game too. With competitive rates and sterling reviews, it’s a worthy contender! Particularly if you’re moving nearby!

Do Menards rent trucks?

Absolutely, they do! Menards offers a nifty Pick-Up & Go Truck rental service. It’s perfect for transporting bulky purchases or even for moving needs. No need to buy anything to rent, just be 21 or over, and bring your valid license, insurance proof, and a credit card. Handy, huh?

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