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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster? [Complete Guide] With Prices for a Rolloff Dumpster

Need to rent a dumpster? This guide has the complete rundown on dumpster rental prices, size options, and more. Find out how much it will cost to get rid of your debris – from a small roll-off to a large dumpster – and see which type is best for your needs.


Understanding the Need for Dumpster Rentals

Need a dumpster for construction, renovation, or major cleaning project? Expect to produce tons of waste. But don’t sweat it. A rented dumpster for your driveway got you covered.

Decoding Dumpster Rental Pricing

Wondering about dumpster rental cost? Brand and location play a part. For instance, Burrtec and Recology are budget-friendly. Higher-end options include Waste Management and Bin There Dump That.


Factors that Determine Dumpster Rental Costs

Size and Type of Dumpsters

Dunking debris into dumpsters? The dumpster sizes matter. Hair-raising heaps fit into a 40-yard dumpster, while lighter loads can go with a 10-yard dumpster. Remember, each size has a weight allowance. Be wise.

Dumpster SizeWeight LimitCapacity
10 yd 3 – 14’ long, 3.5’ high2 – 3 tons3 pickup truck loads
15 yd 3 – 16’ long, 4.5’ high2 – 3 tons (more room for bulky items)4.5 pickup truck loads
20 yd 3 – 22’ long, 4.5’ high3 – 4 tons6 pickup truck loads
30 yd 3 – 22’ long, 6’ high3 – 5 tons9 pickup truck loads
40 yd 3 – 22’ long, 6’ high5 – 6 tons12 pickup truck loads
Size ,weight and Type of Dumpsters

Dumpster Rental Prices

Dumpster SizeAverage Cost Per Week
10 Yard Dumpster$350
12 Yard Dumpster$375
15 Yard Dumpster$400
20 Yard Dumpster$450
30 Yard Dumpster$500
40 Yard Dumpster$550
Dumpster Rental Prices Per week

Geographic Location and Availability

The location of dumpster rental affects rates. A rental in a specific location like New York may cost more than in a rural area like Nebraska due to demand and operational costs. Don’t forget about availability – scarcity ramps up prices in certain dumpster rental locations.

Debris Type and Weight

Discarding debris discriminately during cleanup. The type affects cost. Trashing basic household items? You’re safe. Casting out concrete or appliances? Expect higher fees due to processing complexities.

Rental Duration and Additional Fees

Extended rentals earn extras. Holding a dumpster for more than a week? Expect up to $10 extra per day. Extra fees are always lurking—loading over the limits, disposing of prohibited items, or delaying pick-up. Stay alert.

Breakdown of Dumpster Prices by Size

Small Dumpster Rental Costs

Small dumpster, small figures. Renting a small 2-8 yard dumpster? Fork out $120 to $250 per week. That’s roughly $25 daily for a 4- to 8-yard dumpster. Plus, weekly trash pickup is generally included.

Large Dumpster Rental Costs

Taking on a big project? A large dumpster covers you. See the trend? Large dumpsters cost $350 – $780 per week. For a 40-yard dumpster, mostly, you’ll pay $550 weekly.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Costs

Opting for a roll-off dumpster rental? That’ll be around $220 to $780 weekly. On average, homeowners shell out $280 to $500 each week. Remember, these prices hinge on your specific needs.

Construction Dumpster Rental Costs

Got a construction project? Consider construction dumpsters for disposing of construction debris. Ranging from $363 to $1,131, this price covers delivery, pick up, and every covered weight allowance. Remember, more construction debris equals hiked costs.

dumpster rental

Cost Implications by Rental Period

Daily Dumpster Rental Costs

In a rush? Daily dumpster rental prices start at $25. It peaks at $80. Friendly advice: Keep it short. Longer rentals mean lower daily rates. A week’s rental averages $350-$550.

Weekly Dumpster Rental Costs

Need a week-long waste solution? A weekly dumpster rental does the trick. Expect a bill around $350 – $550. Remember, overages mean extra fees. So, keep it within weight limits.

Small Dumpster Rental Prices:

Dumpster SizeAverage Cost Per Week
2 Yard Dumpster$120
3 Yard Dumpster$170
4 Yard Dumpster$180
5 Yard Dumpster$200
6 Yard Dumpster$220
8 Yard Dumpster$250

Dumpster Rental Prices

Dumpster SizeAverage Cost Per Week
10 Yard Dumpster$350
12 Yard Dumpster$375
15 Yard Dumpster$400
20 Yard Dumpster$450
30 Yard Dumpster$500
40 Yard Dumpster$550

How Much To Rent A Dumpster?

Rental LocationAverage Cost Per Week
Anchorage, AK$500 – $600
Appleton, WI$380 – $460
Austin, TX$330 – $400
Baltimore, MD$390 – $470
Baton Rouge, LA$340 – $410
Boston, MA$380 – $460
Bronx, NY$560 – $675
Brooklyn, NY$550 – $670
Buffalo, NY$430 – $520
Cedar Rapids, IA$400 – $500
Charlotte, NC$340 – $420
Chesapeake, VA$340 – $400
Cincinnati, OH$400 – $480
Columbia, SC$340 – $400
Dallas, TX$350 – $420
Denver, CO$370 – $450
Erie, PA$400 – $500
Evansville, IN$360 – $430
Fresno, CA$400 – $475
Grand Rapids, MI$375 – $450
Harrisburg, PA$375 – $450
Houston, TX$350 – $420
Huntsville, AL$330 – $400
Indianapolis, IN$380 – $470
Jacksonville, FL$330 – $400
Kansas City, KS$380 – $470
Knoxville, TN$350 – $430
Lansing, MI$400 – $500
Los Angeles, CA$450 – $530
Madison, WI$400 – $480
Mansfield, OH$390 – $475
Mesa, AZ$370 – $450
Minneapolis, MN$420 – $520
Muskegon, MI$375 – $450
New York, NY$560 – $675
Norwalk, CT$490 – $600
Ocala, FL$350 – $430
Omaha, NE$350 – $420
Orlando, FL$350 – $425
Philadelphia, PA$450 – $550
Pittsburgh, PA$400 – $500
Portland, OR$390 – $475
Rockford, IL$420 – $500
San Antonio, TX$340 – $420
San Francisco, CA$500 – $600
San Jose, CA$475 – $575
South Jersey, NJ$450 – $550
St. Louis, MO$425 – $525
Syracuse, NY$400 – $500
Taunton, MA$425 – $525
Toms River, NJ$400 – $500
Virginia Beach, VA$350 – $450
Prices based upon Rental location

Monthly Dumpster Rental Costs

Monthly rentals are a steal. Average monthly dumpster rental cost lands between $500 and $1,200. Seeking long-term commercial dumpsters? Find deals for six- to twelve-month rentals.

How to Save Money on Dumpster Rental

Choosing the Right Dumpster for Your Needs

Choosing right remodeling saves. Size? Type? Location? Figure these out. Settle on the perfect size for your remodeling project. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Your pocket will thank you.

Exploring Dumpster Rental Alternatives

Alternatives exist. Bag dumpsters, junk removal services, donation centers, or recycling centers offer solutions too. Make a wise decision. Dumpster rental services don’t fit all scenarios.

Negotiating with Dumpster Rental Companies

Bargaining? It works. Bag discounts. Scan websites for deals. Join mailing lists. Almost every company offers some savings. Don’t miss out.

dumpster rental online quote

Other Important Considerations

Permits for Dumpster Rental

Requires a permit for a dumpster? Maybe. Public spaces usually do. Fees range $10 – $75. Many rental companies handle permits. Some don’t. Ask before rental to avoid last-minute stress.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Items

Learn what’s acceptable for your car driveway. Typical household items, construction waste, and heavy materials like concrete and brick? Approved. Hazardous waste, certain appliances, and electronics, like TVs, are generally not allowed on your car driveway. Confirming restrictions save penalties.

Fee for Hazardous Waste Disposal

Dumping hazardous waste? Brace for hiked fees. Handling hazardous materials is pricey. Dropped a refrigerator? Expect between $15 and $100. Negligence can invite fines up to $500. Nix future shocks -follow regulations.



How do I know if I need a dumpster permit?

Wondering about dumpster permits? If it’s on public property, like a sidewalk, you likely need one. Permit requirements vary city to city. Reach out to your local government or the dumpster rental company for clarity.

What is an overloading fee in dumpster rental?

Exceeded dumpster’s weight limit? Expect an overloading fee. Use our weight calculator to determine the excess weight and adjust your payment accordingly. Overuse may add up to a bright $50 to $100 fee. Stay informed, sidestep surprises.

Can anything else affect the cost of a dumpster rental?

Looking beyond size and rental duration? Location, taxes, and waste type matter. Remote areas and urban locations can inflate prices, including taxes. Disposing of high-tech electronics or appliances? Prepare for extra charges.

How should I choose a roll-off dumpster size for my project?

How to choose the best dumpster rental size? Gauge your waste quantity. Small project with heavy debris? A 10-yard dumpster rental size fits. Doing a large-scale renovation? Opt for a 20 or 30-yard dumpster rental size for efficient disposal.

What is the most common dumpster rental?

The most common dumpster rental? Say hello to the roll-off dumpster. Commonly used in construction and renovations, they offer high capacity and are easily transported, making them perfect for larger waste disposal needs, such as roofing debris.

How much is dumpster rental in NC?

Need dumpster pricing for North Carolina? It swings between $300 to $700 per week. It’s based on size, weight, and rental duration. Call (919) 582-7777 for area-specific rates.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Florida?

Dumpster renting in Florida? A small dumpster rolls out around $300 per week. The price jumps to $500 for larger sizes. Rates flutter between companies and local landfill fees too.

Renting a dumpster in Florida? Government data states, it falls between $300 to $500 per week. Spot an overflowing dumpster sale? Snap it up and save some dollars!

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Massachusetts?

Dumpster rents in Massachusetts? They hover around $400 to $700 per week, depending on size. Opulent areas like Boston may charge $500-$800 per week.

how much to rent a 15 yard dumpster

Renting a 15-yard dumpster? Expenses oscillate between $265 to $620 per week, most homeowners settling on $400. Prices embrace delivery, pick up, one week of rental, and 3-ton waste disposal. Sneaky extras sometimes spring up, so ask in advance.

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