The story about Zip tie on car door handles

In a recent one of the videos circulating on the internet, It’s a zip tie on your car door. what was it, and what about the story behind it .It’s is a rumor that sex traffickers are attaching a wire or zip tie to car door handles in order to distract the victim while trying to remove it. This rumor originated on TikTok and went viral. However, there have not been any reports of this actually happening. Sex traffickers tend to use computers to lure victims or target people they know.Some people may see a wire or zip tie on their car door handle and panic, thinking that they are being robbed. However, there is no need to worry; these ties are actually placed there for your safety. In the event of an emergency, you can use them to secure your car door. So, next time you see one of these ties on your car door handle, don’t panic – just wait until you’re in a safer location before removing it.

 Zip Tie on Your Car Door

If You See A Wire Tied To Your Car Door Handle, Do Not Call …

You may have seen a wire tied to your car door handle and wondered what it is. Do not worry, you are not being targeted. If you see a wire tied to your car door handle, It’s probably just a harmless prank.


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Tiktok Viral Video [ Zip Tie on Your Car Door ]

Is tying a zip tie on to a car door really a tactic?

Recently, it has been discovered that criminals and kidnappers are using a zip tie to keep people out of their vehicles by attaching them to the door handles. This tactic was first reported in 2015 when Facebook users warned each other about sex traffickers using the method in Canadian cities. However, more recent reports have stated that there have been no confirmed cases of sex traffickers using this technique in Canada. The FBI has declined to comment on whether or not they are investigating this new trend. There is no confirmation if the zip tie tactic being used to traffic people is a legitimate threat or not. However, claims that this is happening are ridiculous and authorities have not commented on the wider use of this tactic among other criminal groups. In December 2019, Michigan and Texas police departments reassured residents that they had not received any complaints of zip ties being attached to cars. Social media warnings have been circulating around a zip-tie tactic as a potential human trafficking trend but neither department confirmed or denied whether it was legitimate.

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  1. “these ties are actually placed there for your safety. In the event if an emergency, you can use them to secure your car door”!?!? So, people are going around putting them on people’s cars for there own good?! They need to be CUT off & if they are pulled tight, once cut they are usually too short to be reused.

    Sounds like an idiotic excuse a predator putting them on women’s cars would say to ease fears.

    1. Well if it’s supposed to be for their safety what’s it doing on the passenger side back door handle? Why wouldn’t it be on the driver’s side front door? Since when does a person that drives by themselves go and look at all their car doors? That’s a bunch of BS and they tend to abduct people that they know that’s a bunch of BS too where are you guys coming up with this malarkey???

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