What's The Best Car...?

Easily the most FAQ of all the FAQs any automotive reviewer gets, the answer to this question is always the same.


It depends.


What category are we talking about?


What's your personal situation?


Do you need a family car, can you live with a two-door coupe, how much money can you afford to spend, are you into outdoor sports like skiing, surfing, or bicycling? Do you have a cabin out in the woods and you need four-wheel drive? Do you live in an area with harsh winters?


By now, I think you're starting to get the point.


This is a question with many answers, and when it comes down to it, the only person capable of providing a definitive answer for you is you. However, I can show you the best of the best in a given category to help facilitate your shopping process by narrowing the field a bit.


To this end, here are some lists of the best cars in a number of different categories.


If there's a specific category you feel is missing, shoot me a note, I'll pull it together just for you.


The Best Cars Under $15,000


The Best Family Cars

The Best Entry Level Sports Cars


The Best Hybrid Sedans


The Best $30,000 Luxury Cars


The Best Fun To Drive SUVs