Anqoinette Crosby

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Lyndon Conrad Bell


Hey Lyndon, what’s the best car?”


That’s a question I get whenever someone learns I’ve been involved in automotive journalism for 20 years. You know that one guy, the one everybody says you should talk to about cars? Well, that's me, and my goal here is to be that guy for you.


Cars, as you may have guessed, are a passion of mine. A syndicated automotive journalist, I have contributed to Road &Track, Car and Driver and a host of other automotive publications and websites over the years, so I'm pretty well-versed in the subject.


I've also worked as a car salesman, giving me insights into the workings of automobile dealerships and the new car sales process too.

I can be reached by email at

Anqoinette Crosby

My unique set of skills and experience greatly enhance Automobiles Illustrated. Traveling throughout America and around the world to provide a fresh look at the trends and culture of the auto industry, I have enjoyed a career spanning more than a decade, both behind and in front of the camera.

My automotive journalism work began on the long-running PBS series, MotorWeek, where I hosted the “FYI” segment and created MotorWeek's "GEAR" lifestyles segment, in which we showcased the hottest automotive accessories.


With 80 percent of new car buying decisions influenced by women, my practical, down to earth feature stories and reviews bring a female perspective to Automobiles Illustrated.

In addition to my work on MotorWeek, I have contributed automotive content to USA Today, The Washington Post, Upscale magazine, NBC’s Daily Connection, WMAR ABC 2, WTTG FOX 5, WUSA CBS 9, WRC 4 NBC and WHUT 32 PBS in Washington, D.C.


I can be reached by email at

Our primary intention is to make the time you spend at Automobiles Illustrated as useful as possible toward helping you get the best deal on the best new vehicle for you. While the true answer to the question; "What's the best car?" is dependent upon your financial circumstances and your proclivities, we can provide all the information you need to find the best one—for you.


We do this by posting insightful reviews of the latest new models, as well as articles grouping vehicles according to their specific type—featuring the best choices in each category. This will help you identify products like the best family cars, the best fun to drive SUVs, the best luxury cars under $30,000, and etc...


There's also an entire section here dedicated to helping you find the latest new car rebates, incentives, special offers, and lease deals. This will help you take advantage of the most beneficial manufacturer-backed deals available.


Rounding things out, you’ll also find new car buying advice, covering topics like how to shop for a new car, how to test drive a new car, and a primer on how to buy car insurance.


We're slicing this topic up in as many different ways as we can think of in an effort to be very thorough, but rather than us, this is all about you.


Let's make this a two-way street.


We invite your suggestions, questions, and comments.