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For far too many people, buying a new car is an exercise fraught with peril and uncertainty. This is because the process is so unlike that of practically everything else we buy. Think about it; if you need a washer, you go to the appliance store, the prices are marked, you pay what the tag says, go home and enjoy your new washer—right?


Do the same thing in a car dealership, you’ll likely overpay. This is because when you're buying a car, the price on the sticker is more of a guideline than an actual policy.


In other words, it’s negotiable.


But how can you negotiate unless you know what it’s really worth?


One of the reasons this site is called Automobiles Illustrated is it is designed to illustrate for you the ins and outs of purchasing a new automobile. (It also sounds pretty cool.) Given the new car reviews, buyer’s advice, compilations of the best models in a given category, and the listings of each manufacturer’s incentives, rebates, special offers and lease deals, you’ll find everything you need to know to shop for your new car as an informed buyer.


With that said, you’re probably wondering who we are, how to get in touch with us if you need to, and other key information about the site.


You’ll find links to all of the above listed below.


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