2020 Toyota GR Supra Review

Toyota Supra Front.jpg

It’s SUPRAcalifragilisticexpialidocious and when it goes the sound of it is nowhere near atrocious. Moreover, riven like a GT car, rather than a sports car — that is, covering a lot of miles at speed on the highway — the Supra is happily in its element. The car is also nicely settled and very cooperative on smooth secondary roads seasoned with nicely spaced sweeping turns.

Toyota Supra Interior.jpg

However, it is disappointingly unsettled and mildly resistant to turning in when hustling along on rough roads; especially so when it's asked to deal with a succession of tight corners in quick succession too. The brakes were resistant to modulation too.

Toyota Supra Engine.jpg

On the other hand, the satisfyingly powerful turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine is as smooth as Denzel Washington playing a romantic lead. Dynamometer tests have shown its output is far more than the 335 horsepower Toyota quotes as well. It’s more like 339 — at the rear wheels! What’s more, the transmission is damn near clairvoyant. It always finds the right gear and responds instantly to paddle inputs in sport mode.

Toyota Supra Rear Profile.jpg

There IS something of a disconcerting lurch when the transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd under full throttle. However, every other gear change is seamless and accompanied by a delightful “poopf” from the exhaust system during each shift — with no interruption of forward momentum. The eight-speed automatic accurately rev-matches downshifts too

Toyota Supra Profile.jpg

The exhaust burbled enthusiastically whenever I let off the throttle and the engine note when it was running wide open in sport mode is the song I want played at my funeral. It’s absolutely glorious.

Toyota Supra Rear.jpg

With all of that said, the Supra’s biggest problem is it looks like a sports car and it sounds like a sports car, but it’s happiest when it’s being driven like a grand touring car.

But hey, that’s OK; I like it just the same.

Pricing starts at $42,990.

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