2020 Lexus LC500h Review

Lexus LC500h Front.jpg

If ever there existed a more appropriate use of yellow paint I have yet to encounter it. Even better, these concept car good looks are just the beginning. The Lexus LC500h is also one of the most luxurious hybrid automobiles on the market.

Lexus LC500h Interior.jpg

The interior treatment is wholly supportive of this, while simultaneously exuding a sense of sportiness in keeping with the car’s performance potential. Moreover, it hosts a luxurious slate of features, the likes of which you’d expect to adorn a contemporary top line Lexus model.

Lexus LC50h Engine Compartment.jpg

The rear-drive powertrain features a silken 354-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine teamed with a pair of electric motors and a continuously variable transmission. This endows the handsome coupe with satisfying, if not exactly thrilling acceleration and an exhaust note exuding classy ebullience.

Lexus LC500h Profile.jpg

Handling is surprisingly agile, particularly when you take the length and girth of the stylish coupe into consideration. What’s more, body roll is practically nonexistent — even while ride quality faithfully lives up to the expectations the Lexus badges on its nose and tail imply.

Lexus LC500h Rear.jpg

Stunning good looks, a state of the art suite of driver assistance technology and cutting edge comfort and convenience equipment all come together in this, one truly unique and distinctive automobile. Which, as I said before, looks absolutely delicious in yellow.

Of course I like it!

Pricing starts at $97,510.

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