Land Rover Discovery Front.jpg

Diesel never sounded so good. Nor did it ever drive with so much fluidity and sophistication. While it might come as a surprise to find Land Rover’s high style mated to a Diesel engine, it’s actually a great match.

Land Rover Discovery Interior.jpg

Even better, all other aspects of this uber-capable SUV are identical to those of the gasoline powered models, which means style, fit and finish are outstanding.

Land Rover Discovery TD6 Engine.jpg

The engine displaces three liters and delivers 254 horsepower, along with 443 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy averaged 25 mpg during my testing.

Land Rover Discovery Profile.jpg

Preternaturally smooth, the powerplant is right at home in a luxury SUV of this caliber. With it, the Discovery pulls strongly in all situations — yet it’s also relaxed and remarkably quiet on the highway.

Land Rover Discovery Rear.jpg

If you’re looking for above average fuel economy in a mid-sized sport utility with undeniable cachet, you’ll find it in the Land Rover Discovery TD6.

I like it.

Pricing starts at $52,300.

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