2020 BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe Review

BMW M23i Grand Couper Front.jpg

What a difference an engine can make! The 301-horsepower M235i xDrive Gran Coupe delivers an altogether different driving experience than its 228i sibling. As good as it looks here though, we’ll admit the car’s overall styling is a tad bereft of the grace of its predecessors.

BMW M235i Grand Coupe Interior.jpg

On the other hand, the interior treatment is everything we’ve come to expect from BMW over the years, both good and bad. While the layout is logical and controls are well placed, it’s also a bit more complex than it really needs to be.

BMW M235i GrandCoupe Engine.jpg

Meanwhile, the engine is a paragon of contemporary efficiency. Extracting 301 horsepower and 332 ft-lbs of torque from two liters and four cylinders with a turbocharger, it’s smooth, sonorous and highly entertaining. An eight-speed automatic transmission feeds all four wheels.

BMW M235i GrandCoupe Profile.jpg

While BMW has also caught a lot of flack over the M235i Gran Coupe’s transverse engine layout and front drive platform, the car is solidly built and goes in a very BMW-like fashion.

BMW M235i GrandCoupe Rear.jpg

In other words, driven with an open mind, you’ll find delightful handling and confidence-inspiring stability. However, you might also find your rearview mirrors full of angry red and blue lights if you aren’t careful. This car is deceptively fast.

And, I like it!

Pricing starts at $45,500.

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