2018 Honda Accord Review

Written by Anqoinette Crosby
2018 Honda Accord Overview

Whenever there’s the slightest hint of snow in the forecast, everyone in the D.C area makes a mad dash to the grocery store. There, we stock up on milk, bread, snacks and a bunch of other stuff we probably won’t really need. This is especially true when the forecast only calls for a few inches of the white stuff.

As I pulled the 2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T into the already crowded Safeway parking lot, a guy in his 30’s asked if it was the new Honda Accord. “Yes it is,” I replied as I briskly made my way to the store—before all of the milk was gone—leaving him to stroll over to the car for a closer look.

Throughout the week of test-driving the top trim Honda, ardent Accord admirers were impressed by the new, hipper look of the completely redesigned sedan. And who could blame them? If you like a modern, clean Euro-design, you’ll find Honda has delivered hugely. The midsize family sedan exudes a cool urban sportiness, without resorting to cookie cutter cloning other cars in its class.


If you go with the Touring trim I was driving, you’ll get 19-inch wheels, a head-up display—which always comes in handy, convenient wireless phone charging and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot capability. The materials choice in the cabin and build quality are nicely on par for the class. The sparing use of hard plastics is confined to the knee bolsters, kick panels and center console. Everything else is covered in a mixture of soft touch plastics and mid-grade leather. Its thick steering wheel is a small diameter, slightly flat-bottomed sporty affair and includes the normal assortment of secondary controls.

The Accord’s front seats offer a good medium firmness, however the upper seat back side bolsters are a touch on the snug side. For some, this is perfect. However those with wider backs and bottoms will probably find it irksome—if not uncomfortable on longer trips.


Oh, BTW, there is more than ample room to fit the seven bags of groceries I bought in the Accord’s generous 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space. Had I needed to pile in more stuff—like a shovel and firewood, the Accord offers a 60/40-split folding rear seat.


Deployed, they are on the firmer side, but they are also heated, which comes in handy for family duty during the colder months of the year. Despite the slightly sloping roof, there is enough headroom at all five seating positions for six-foot adults. Legroom is generous too.

Rear seat passengers will however, be disappointed to see there are no USB ports, nor a readily accessible 12V outlet. That's a huge miss for a family sedan. Families bring your ten-foot USB charging cable and get ready to stretch it from the center stack to the rear seats. A few other areas in which the 2018 Honda Accord misses the mark include its lane departure feedback warnings, which are optimistically aggressive.

The navigation system, designed by Garmin, could also use some refinement. It’s too difficult to locate ETA and distance to destination information. However, I’m very happy to see the return of rotary knobs to the audio system. Honda had gone much too far with touch controls for this application. Hopefully, this presages a philosophical reversion for the entire lineup.

The marque’s reputation for smooth, fuel-efficient small engines is reinforced by the Accord’s 252-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder. Feeding the front wheels, it is paired with an all-new 10 speed automatic transmission. The powerplant delivers surprising acceleration, particularly in Sport mode. The Honda briefly pins you to the back of your seat as it exhibits unexpected pace for a family sedan.

Pricing for the 2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T starts at $35,800, while the standard Honda Accord starts at $23,570.


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