2018 Ford Edge Sport

The first time you nail the throttle in a 2018 Ford Edge Sport you’re going to be in for a delightful surprise. Despite its prosaic look and demeanor, this family-friendly crossover SUV has the heart of a true player. Even better, the Edge is handsome, spacious, nicely equipped and very comfortable. Said simply, Ford has a definite contender in the mid-size crossover category.

If you’re looking for tech, the Edge delivers Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system, which leverages your smartphone's mapping and communication capabilities. Meanwhile, cutting “edge” driver assist functions include adaptive steering and cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning and active park assist. This latter feature works better than any we’ve seen to date, effortlessly steering the Ford into both parallel and perpendicular spaces quickly and efficiently. Once you learn to trust it and get the feel for the way it works, you’ll never bother with parking on your own again.

If you’re looking for performance too, the Edge Sport is more than just a collection of blacked-out styling cues. Powered by Ford’s twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 engine, the 2018 Ford Edge Sport enjoys 315 horsepower and an eye-opening 350 lb-ft of torque. And yes, as you might well imagine, this engine moves the Edge with authority. There is a bit of inertia to overcome off of the line, but once it sets the Edge’s 4,081 pounds in motion, acceleration verges upon breathtaking. A six-speed automatic transmission is teamed with an intelligent all-wheel drive system to get all of that thrust to the ground.


Helping keep it there is a sport-tuned suspension system with stiffer roll bars and active steering. By the way, Sport is the only model in the Edge line to come so equipped, so if agility is a priority for you, this is the one you want. Happily, the Ford’s handling prowess is accompanied by a smooth and comfortable ride, thus proving one needn’t sacrifice comfort in their quest for pleasure. Now, with that said, before we get your hopes up too high, the Edge Sport doesn’t go screaming along twisty roads like one of our favorite sport sedans. But it does have an appreciably agile nature.

And yet, even with its abundant performance potential, the basic goodness of the Edge’s platform shines through. Seating is comfortable, legroom is generous and headroom is too. The rear seat reclines and folds flat to accept extra cargo. The floor is just about flat too, so there’s good footroom underneath the front seats.

The Edge Sport is also quiet. Even when driven at full chat, you can hear yourself think and carry on conversations in a normal tone. Wind noise is kept to a minimum, despite the high profile. Ingress and egress are effortless, step-in height is reasonable and all four doors welcome you with generously proportioned openings.

Among the interior accoutrements is a wonderfully supportive set of leather-trimmed seats with perforated suede-like inserts. An abundance of hidden storage compartments will have you discovering new stash spots well into the first few months of ownership. Meanwhile, aluminum pedal covers and ambient LED accent lighting lend the Edge Sport an air of sophistication well above its price point.

The model can also be had with a Tech Package encompassing remote start; the aforementioned enhanced park assist, heated and cooled front seats, as well as heated rear outboard seats. Advanced safety features include standard blind-spot mirrors and a rearview camera to ensure your awareness of surrounding traffic. A front-facing camera is available as an option. You can also get collision avoidance and lane keeping assistance.

With its nicely curated blend of performance, comfort and style, the 2018 Ford Edge Sport is definitely worthy of your consideration if you’re shopping in the mid-sized crossover SUV category.

Pricing for this top of the line model starts at $40,675.

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