2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport

Written By Anqoinette Crosby

The Q60 Goes to Cuba

I recently scored a pair of free tickets to check out Grammy-Award winning jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis at one of my favorite hoity-toity venues near DC. Wearing a new LBD and a pair of red peep-toe heels, my hair was swept into a high ponytail and I was thrilled to hear my favorite tune The In Crowd... Sporting a style District hipsters like to call city chic, it was only fitting I drive the luxuriously athletic 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400.

At the concert, I met a jazz-loving friend from college who walked me back to the Infiniti after the show. Catching sight of the stunning coupe for the first time, he grinned like a kid with a brand new PlayStation.

“So, how do you like it?” he asked.

I knew this was a loaded question because he’d told me earlier the Q60 Red Sport 400 was at the top his car-shopping list. Wrestling with the decision to trade his 10-year-old Mercedes for a new C-class, or to venture outside of his comfort zone, the Q60 definitely had him intrigued.  Having driven it for a week at that point, I felt good suggesting he broaden his horizons—live a little.

After all, broadening their horizons is exactly what the honchos at Infiniti did. In what can only be described as a daring detour, they gave the fervent fans of the Q60’s G37 predecessor an electrifying encore. Taking the G37’s formula to the next level, the Q60 is a luxurious grand touring car with a sporting edge, where the G37 was a sporty GT car with luxury overtones. In other words, while the Q60 Red Sport is faster and handles better, it’s also much more refined and plush.

Faster comes from the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 delivering 400 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque. A well thought-out seven-speed automatic transmission feeds your choice of rear- or all-wheel drive. The Infiniti’s “smart” transmission employs Adaptive Shift Control to read the road and your driving style and executes gear changes as circumstances dictate. If you’re driving hard on a twisty road it shifts like a racing driver would—holding revs longer and avoiding changes in the middle of turns. When you’re chilling around town, or out on the highway, the transmission adopts more of a pacified demeanor.

Five drive modes are also offered, Eco, Snow, Standard, Sport and Sport+.  Sport+ is what I like to think of as Space Shuttle mode. That’s when the Q60 Red Sport 400 makes a mockery of most cars—reducing them to rapidly receding specks in your rearview mirror when the traffic signal goes green. 

And yes, it also emits the familiar Infiniti growl to amp up the intimidation level.

Yet, the luxurious Q60 Red Sport 400 is also a perfect blend of sneering and sexy. Oh yes ladies, you will get noticed. Even though my tester came in what I call Subtle Silver (Infiniti calls it Liquid Platinum—but what do they know?) exuberant nods of admiration came from all who crossed paths with the seductive coupe. 

Here though, I must admit, the logic of two-door cars with four seats leaves me a bit perplexed. A couple of my girlfriends, after experiencing the Q60’s “back seats” on the way to Sunday brunch at the Grand Marriott, emerged feeling pretty salty. Let’s just say the Q60’s back seats are best suited for the hauling of handbags rather than human beings—especially those predisposed to the wearing of heels.

While we’re at it, here’s one more word of advice about the Q60’s interior. My test car’s cabin came in white and as beautiful as it was, I’d steer clear. Though I was exceedingly careful with it, by week’s end, my passengers had left more than a few dingy looking areas. It’s especially attractive to makeup,

Still though, the fast, fun and flirty Infiniti is a delight for the woman who prefers to be seen as unpredictable. Like Ramsey Lewis, the 2017 Infiniti Q60 proves giving your core audience what it wants can attract new fans too. Bravo to both for welcoming us into the “In Crowd.”

Pricing starts at $51,300 with rear drive and $53,300 with all-wheel drive.

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