2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

Written by Anqoinette Crosby

Honda Accord Hybrid Overview

Let’s face it ladies, we have a lot going on — juggling families, careers, Facebook friends and trying to squeeze in a yoga class whenever we can. With all of the places we need to be, it’s easy to rack up hundreds of miles on our cars over the course of a week.

This is especially true here in the DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia area) where I’m usually driving in and out of all three each day for work, shopping and/or meeting friends for dinner. With all this going, the fuel light seems to be always popping on to tell me I need to stop for gas. Happily, I saw it a lot less often in the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. The electrically assisted mid-size sedan delivered a remarkable 48 miles per gallon overall, which meant a lot less time at the pump and much more time doing things I enjoyed.

Speaking of things I enjoyed, the stresses of commuting were significantly lessened by the Accord’s commodious Zen den of a cabin. With the sizable moonroof opened all the way, bright sunlight filled the cabin and I was blissfully engulfed in my own private comfort zone. Best of all, the Accord Hybrid was also peacefully quiet. One of my favorite podcasts, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, sounded even more engrossing than usual, delivered with crystal clarity through the Honda’s premium seven-speaker audio system. Heated front and rear leather seats were a nice touch too.

A well thought out infotainment interface is vital these days, given all of the functions packed into modern cars. It was nice to see the Accord Hybrid’s uncomplicated seven-inch touchscreen. However, I would have preferred knobs to control the radio instead of a touch sensitive slider. In addition to being imprecise (or perhaps because it is so imprecise), I had to divert my attention away from the road for far too long to use it.

Granted, steering wheel controls are effective, but habit tends to send my hand to the radio. I also appreciate having a smorgasbord of safety features and the Accord Hybrid offered a multitude of them, including collision mitigating braking, lane keeping assist and lane departure warning.

Of course, Honda has led us to expect advanced features, given the Accord’s storied 41-year resume. The Japanese automaker has also taken hybrid engineering to new heights. Now in its ninth generation (having been updated for the 2016 model year), the 2017 Accord Hybrid is both powerful and fuel-efficient.

The powertrain produces 212 horsepower from a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle inline four-cylinder engine paired with two AC-powered electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery pack in the Accord Hybrid’s trunk. Cargo capacity is a reasonable 13.5 cubic feet, even with the battery pack installed there, as it is smaller than the previous one.

With that said, I did have an ah-ha moment the first time I vigorously prodded my Accord Hybrid Touring test car to exceed 50 miles per hour. The Honda hesitated and momentarily felt as if it was moon walking onto the Interstate. The slight lag sent me looking for a button to push to get more pick up and go. And indeed, the Accord Hybrid did offer a Sport mode. Once activated, the hybrid sedan revealed its more aggressive side with attentive response to requests for rapid acceleration.

Overall though, intelligent, competent and sophisticated were the watchwords by which the Accord Hybrid handled its business. Comfort was also outstanding at all seating positions, with a particularly roomy back seat. When you combine all of that with an average of 48 miles per gallon, it’s easy to see why the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is such an attractive proposition.

Pricing starts at $29,605.

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